Swedish Christmas Market in Lausanne

Last weekend it was time for the traditional Swedish Christmas market in Lausanne. As usual we was there just when the doors opened to make sure that we got the stuff that we needed for Christmas before it got sold out. When I say we, I refer to me and the kids. Bodil was working as usual on a Saturday nowadays.

We overextended ourselves a bit moneywise on the smoked eel, elk sausages and Swedish cheese so I did not get any of the Swedish pea soup or brown beans. But then it is only me that seems to like these things. Well, Jonathan does like the Swedish pea soup but then maybe I can try and find some internet shop that ships that kind of stuff.

Da VinciAfterwards we went to one of our “regular” Italian restaurants in Divonne-les-Bains on the way home. Unfortunately this place used to be really good but it was bought up by a Italian restaurant chain a few years ago so now it is “just” good. A bit of a shame really.

We did not get home until shortly before 5 o’clock in the evening and then I had to just drop of the kids and quickly rush out again to get some food for the evening meal. Somewhat stressed out I decided to go simple, just some filet de porc, asparagus and a fois gras sauce with some Porto thrown in. It was quite nice.

My “wife” did the cocking on the Sunday. She made a “foresters” stew with mushrooms, juniper berries and lingonberries and a piece of dead cow. I have to say that it was excellent.

Otherwise the weekend was as usual. Not so fun me being depressed as has become the habit now. I though I would adapt to the situation and I probably would have if it was not for this criminal asshole that caused this entire situation. It might have happened anyway, it probably would have, but the thought that my children will be in contact with a guy like this is simply unbearable. I entrusted my son to this guy and he uses his position in this way. I wonder if my wife realises that what he has done is criminal. To court someone else’s wife is immoral, to court a client, especially when you are in a position were you are taking care of handicapped children is, criminal. The only reason that I have not, yet, taken legal action is that I do not want my wife to suffer further.

Well, I did have a nice Saturday with the kids at least.

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