Watched the latest Star Wars with JJ

It is almost three weeks since my latest post. For obvious reasons it has been difficult to motivate myself to write much on any of my blogs. My wife has now gone on to her third boyfriend during our marriage. Sure, the last one I cannot really complain about since it started after the divorce procedures started but I recently learned that what I thought was her first affair was actually her second. She is even chatting with her boyfriend(s) via SMS at the dinner table in front of the kids for Christ sake! It has been very tuff time and just before Christmas I cracked completely and we had a big fight. Even though we have tried to make a good Christmas for the kids it has probably been the worst Christmas ever for me.

Balexert LobbyAnyway, that was my usual rant, back to the subject. Today me and Jonathan went to the Cinema in Balexert, Geneva, to watch the latest Star Wars movie. It was the first time in a long time that I went to a real Cinema. Lately we have watched all movies on my home cinema system either on DVD or, mostly nowadays, on Blu-ray. It was also the first time I watched an IMAX movie as well as a 3D movie.

I have to say that I was a bit scared about the 3D part since I easily get motion sickness. It turned out to be quite alright though. The 3D effects were not overdone like on many early 3D movies. I have to say that I probably would have enjoyed the movie just as much in normal 2D though. Sure, sometimes there where some cool scenes but sometimes the image just felt artificial. Some objects where just floating in front of the background like they where glued on afterwards.

The movie itself? Well, it was quite good actually. But then almost anything would be good after the disastrous episodes I, II and III. The fact that there was no Jar Jar Binks or similar rubbish character in it was by itself a huge improvement. Jonathan thought it was a good movie as well and now he does not have to be afraid that someone spoils the plot for him when he starts school again in January.

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