Went for some Japanese with the kids.



IMG-20160116-0008Yesterday me and the kids went to a Japanese restaurant in Switzerland with the kids. It is a restaurant where we’ve been once before on JJ’s birthday and JJ wanted to go back. I actually had not planned to go out to eat this weekend. If nothing else I need to save my money now with all the additional expenses going around. I (we actually but it is me doing the paying) have already paid around 9 000 EUR just in lawyers fees only for instance.

IMG-20160116-0005Anyway this place, Chez Uzino in Versoix, makes some quite good Japanese food, although it is a tad expensive for what you get, and making these things with the kids helps me stay a few millimeters from suicidal level depression. JJ got a Sushi plate. He quite likes Sushi. Me, I am not so found of it. I got a Tempura plate instead. Timothy got something involving slimy things with many arms as usual. It was only Cassandra that could not be persuaded to get something “fishy”.

View from the restaurang

Otherwise I spent yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations. By tradition it should have been done last Friday but with both of us working it had to be yesterday instead. Felt rather tragic since it surely was the last full family Christmas I am ever going to have.


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