Holy crap, almost a month since I last posted

I read on a site once that you should never apologize for not posting for some time. The argument was that “no one cared anyway” and that you were just “exposing yourself as a looser”. Well…maybe I am a looser, but I really have had a rough time and not felt like posting in a while so if that make me a looser then so be it.

Anyway, I want to keep this blog alive since, once our divorce has gone through, computing and blogging is one of my hobbies that I hope will keep me going.

So what is new then? I got a horrible cold. Not what you want to read about? Okay I suspected as much. Well, some of the good news is that I think I might have an apartment coming. An apartment that have plenty of space for the kids. Well, plenty and plenty, it is “just” an apartment after all. Still, it is a decent sized apartment. It is way too expensive as is anything in this bloody region with the Swiss walking all over the place and thinking that they own everything.

Personally I think it was better before the “accord bilateral”. Sure, crossing the border was a bit of a pain but most days I use the “diplomatic” crossing anyway. Yes, Dan Brown did not make everything up in his book. We do have a special (private) crossing between France and Switzerland. No, we do not have a X34 and we cannot drive as fast as we want on the Swiss highway!

Unfortunately, on the bad news side, I have discovered that the “evaluation” that the real estate agencies made were more geared towards making us sign a contract than being a realistic estimate. It looks like we have to lower the price for the house quite substantially in order to get it sold. This infuriates me as well as worries me enormously. I need the money from the house to pay what the outrageous French laws requires me to pay to my wife due to the divorce. There is no way that I will spend the rest of my life paying for my wife having a life with her numerous boy friends. Especially not after all the revelations about her boyfriends that she kept during our marriage. That is a decision that I have made now. If I will be forced to do that I will commit suicide. Full stop!

Anyway, we are not there yet. I cannot wait to move to my new apartment. Providing that I actually get it of course. The paperwork is not written yet so… In any case I want to get out of this bloody house. Maybe that is yet another one of my many mistakes. I never really liked this house. I thought it was acceptable but that was more because it was one we could afford at the time and, most importantly at the time, my wife liked it.

There are quite a lot of things that I allowed my wife to decide that was perhaps not to my liking. But then that is what marriage is supposed to be…compromises. Now when things have developed the way the have I am not sure that I was doing the right thing. Or maybe I am just making up excuses? I do not know. I just cannot help fealing that a lot of decisions, or rather decisions that I let my wife make, was … wrong?

Then again, I do not think that I can claim a clean slate when it comes to making good decisions 😦 . As they say, hindsight is twenty twenty.

“My” apartment is not in the block featured in the image. It is actually in the block casting the shadow in the picture. It traverses the building with one set of windows towards the Allondon river and the other set of windows towards a plaza in Parc Jean Monnet. No neighbours looking into our windows unless the are peeping Toms using binoculars!

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