Bloody concert!

I had planned to take the kids to our local French village restaurant, Bois Joly, this weekend. The last time we tried it was a failure since I did not know that they closed after Christmas and did not open until mid-January. Unfortunately it did not go any better this time since, when I called, it turned out that they were fully booked. Not only that but all other restaurants that I called were also fully booked. I was somewhat befuddled since some of the restaurants that I called are never fully booked. On the 6th or so try the restaurant explained to me that there was some concert going on somewhere in the region and thus everything was booked out. Arrrggghhhh !!!

So I had to get into the car and drive to Intermarche to pick up some food for Saturday evening. Since we had planned to go out we did not shop food for the evening before the weekend. Well, a Mexican style porc steak with mais salsa and French fries went down pretty okay with the kids anyway. Jonathan ate so much that he did not want a desert later in the evening, as he usually does, when we watched Arrow on Netflix.

Just to make my weekend really miserable a bloody south French truck driver, who obviously had no clue how to drive in winter conditions, made a nice bump in the rear of my car last Friday as well. “Sorry but it was slippery” was his comment. Well what the hell do you think it would be when the snow is pouring down you dumbass? Given that I had stopped for a red light he will take the blame of course but I still have to go through all the hassle of getting it fixed. Arrrggghhhh again !!!

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