Finally got to go to Bois Joly with the kids.

This weekend I finally got to go to Bois Joly with the kids. The last two attempts was a failure since in January the restaurant was un-expectantly closed and the last time, a week ago, that we tried it was booked full. This time I booked a table already on the Thursday before the weekend.

It turned out to be quite nice. We got a table close to the windows toward the terrace so we got a view over Geneva and it was a nice and clear evening so we could see all the lights that were on in the Geneva basin.

The food was alright as well. JJ and I went for some dead cow as usual. After some careful consideration JJ went for the “small” 350 gram Cote de Boeuf instead of the 500 gram one. Timothy indulged himself in a Cassoulet de Escargot as entre and Cuisse de Grenouille as main course. I would say that most Swedish kids would have balked at his choices.

Otherwise it was a weekend not too different from most lately. My “wife” went straight to Bellegarde from work on Saturday evening so I was left with the kids again. Not that I mind being left with the kids but I did feel a bit of a depression coming on when I walked around the house looking at all the stuff we have accumulated together.

I, of course, had to spend quite a bit of time on mundane tasks like cleaning, washing up, ironing etc. since it is me doing most of those things nowadays. My “wife” claims that she used to do all that before but she seems to conveniently forget that she did not use to work when she did that. Now when she works she comes home rather exhausted, which is understandable, at around 19:45 in the evening but the bottom line is that it is me doing pretty much all of the house keeping chores, cooking 5 days out of 7 for example, and I still work 10 to 12 hours a day at CERN.

Well hopefully it will improve in a couple of months time when I am about to get an apartment for myself and the kids. An apartment will be a wee bit less time consuming to maintain than this, rather difficult to maintain, old house. It does not help of course that I really do not feel very happy about staying in this house.

Anyway, I digress as usual. It was a nice evening with the kids. I will probably try to take a day or two off this week since the kids have one more week of school holidays. Cassandra has already asked if we could go to, Rajpoute, the Indian / Pakistani restaurant in one of the neighboring villages.

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