Long weekend

For this weekend I took two days, Thursday and Friday, off. It was the last week of the kids February holiday after all and I wanted to spend some time with the kids. There is not that much to do at this time of the year in this region if you are not a ski-freak and neither me nor my kids are really interested in any activities that include that yucky white stuff. Still I got to spend some time with my kids and we did go dining two of the days.

Cassandra had asked if we could not go to Rajpoute, one of the more popular Indian restaurants in the region, so that was exactly what we did. The waiter at the restaurant actually recognized us and mentioned that it was some time since we were there. I am not sure that I will have the courage to go back any time soon though since I, stupidly enough, mentioned that the Jalfrezi was not as hot as the last time (and it was still pretty hot). I have a feeling that the next time I will need to line my stomach with asbestos before ordering one.

IMG-20160226-0067On the Friday we went to Divonne-les-Bains and had a lunch at one of the pizzerias there. That was JJ’s suggestion. It is a quite modest but very cozy place and the pizzas are not bad at all. Thin crispy dough with a nice topping.

Of course I could not spend all the time with the kids since it now falls on me to do most of the house keeping chores, cleaning, washing, cooking, groceries and so on. I also have to start to sort our huge inventory of stuff that we have in our basement. I had four days off, the weekend included, and I got to spend more or less two of them with the kids. I did also spend two or so hours looking at furniture for my new apartment at the various furniture shops in he region. Unfortunately there are two kinds of such shops around here. Expensive one with crappy furniture and the ones with good furniture which are really(!) expensive. Since a lot of the furniture we have today is really not suitable for any of our apartments I would say that getting the stuff I need, moving fees etc. is going to set me back another 10 000 Euro’s (at least). That is about how much we (or rather I) have paid in lawyers fee’s already just to add to my misery. Needless to say this divorce business is making not only my personal life but my finances go to hell as well. I wonder how my “wife” expects us to pay for the things that naturally comes when children starts to come of age. Like drivers licenses, cars, help with furniture for their first apartment etc. etc. But then it is not the first time I get the feeling that such considerations have become secondary these days.

Then of course I had the usual depression when walking around in the empty (relatively speaking) house. I so miss my parents now. When my father was alive he told me that I would regret that I did not speak more or spend more time with him and my mother. Little did I know at the time that he was very much right :-(.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to go out with the kids, when I can still afford it, so on the whole it was two well spent days off. The kids are what keeps me going right now. I hope that will last.

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