Easter Saturday with the Kids

Yesterday I spent the Easter Saturday with the kids. Given all the sad events related to our divorce it was a real pleasure to have the kids around again. I had bought some Swedish herring, cheese, påskmust and elk sausage at Ikea. It is not as good as the home made variety nor the stuff you can buy in Sweden but I could not get the time to make some of the real stuff myself. Well the sausages and the cheese is somewhat out of my capacity to make myself but I could have made some home made Swedish herring but in my current depressive state I just could not bring myself to do it.

Anyway, the kids liked what I served. I got some meatballs and some “princekorv” substitutes for the younger kids as well since they are not so much into the pickled herring stuff that me and JJ are. We were all quite stuffed after the Easter meal actually. Actually I made way too much food so, after my soon to be ex-wife had picked up to the kids in the evening I “feasted” on the remains while watching the last episode of Hemlock Grove and then an episode of the latest Mentalist available on Netflix.

Me, JJ and Timothy watched Maze Runner Scorch Trials as a matinee movie in the afternoon and stuffed ourselves, despite the big lunch, on Swedish “kanelbullar”. None of us was very impressed with the movie. The first Maze Runner was original and was quite fun to watch. This one was not bad as such but it could have been pretty much any high budget zombie movie sequel. Those who have read the books, I have not, claims that it has little to do with the books. I feel it is a typical Hollywood product with little respect to neither the book nor the audience. But then, given how the US elections currently plays out maybe they got the audience part right.

Now I am about to spend the two last days of the Easter holiday alone. I guess that I have to invent something to do. There is only so much house cleaning that you can do to occupy yourself. The weather is shit otherwise I would have taken my camera and gone for a walk.

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