It is a long time since I wrote on this blog!

The time between posts nowadays are much longer than I actually want it to be. Times have been difficult, to say the least, lately. Anyway I write this post because I finally got a few good news (selling the house etc…) and I actually got back to take some photos, which used to be my hobby, last weekend.

Me and the kids went to fete the l’oiseau last weekend. Well, due to the accident that has left me without transport for quite some time it was my wife that took me and the kids there. It was so nice to spend some pleasure time with the kids again.

Unfortunately JJ got sick after the third attraction. He tried to keep up with his little sister which apparently has overcome the motion sickness problems that she had when she was younger. She used to get sick just by us driving across the Jura’s. I guess that he’s ego got a bit bruised by that.

Anyway, I put up some of the pictures I took from the fete on my Flickr account. It is not many but they should be available in my Flickr Photo stream.

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