Trying to make Christmas for the kids.

I have finally gotten the motivation to sit down and write a post on this site. I used to call it my family site and in one sense I guess it still is (I have still got the kids) but now I think of it more as my personal site.

It is almost half a year since I wrote something on this site. It has been a difficult time indeed. I’ve spent several months on three different clinics and when I have not been hospitalized I have been several times a week in Geneva for counseling. I am still on five different medications but finally it seems like things are slowly improving. Since the beginning of December I am back at work. Only at 50% but still, and in January I will go to 70%.

The kids have been coming regularly every Saturday since some time and since I now stopped working due to the CERN Christmas shutdown they are here about every second day. In the beginning it was a bit nervous to take care of the kids all by myself but it gets easier every time and kids seems to like coming as well. Whether that is due to my movie library or the PS3 or because the actually want to see me is still for the jury to decide.

Putting in the Christmas treeAnyway, today Jonathan started of by re-watching Star Trek Beyond on Blu-ray for the second time while I was away doing the grocery shopping. Then the two smaller ones attached themselves to the PS3. I managed to get them to make a pause for lunch (Poêlée paysanne) at least.

Actually I got them to make a pause for decorating the Christmas three as well as can be seen by the photo to the right. A few more of the photos I took can be found in my Christmas Season 2016 album on Flickr.


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