So now it is the year 2017. It will probably take a month or so before I remember to write 2017 whenever I have to write a date.

My ex have just picked up the kids who spent New Years Eve with me. They start school next week. Myself I do not start to work until Thursday so it is going to be a few lonely days until then. The apartment already feel empty and lonely with the kids gone.

New years day breakfast
New Years Day Breakfast

At least they seemed to have had a good time. I guess canapés with fois gras, saumon, caviar and tapenade, crab sallad and some rather huge tournedos wrapped in Italian ham with green pepper sauce, tomatoes and pommes duchesse was boosting the happiness factor as well as the PS3, a couple of movies, some binge watching of Babylon 5 and a couple of episodes of Doctor Who. Not to mention the Christmas candy while waiting for midnight.

As usual I snapped a few photos and added them to my Christmas Season 2016 album on Flickr.


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