Last day of my Christmas holiday today.

Today is the last day of my Christmas holidays for this season. Tomorrow CERN opens again. As from next week I will increase to 70% and hopefully go back to 100% in a months time or so. The last couple of days has been somewhat depressing spending the days all alone since the kids have already started school. At least they will be coming all of next Saturday.

I amused myself by taking a photo from my balcony yesterday evening when people still had their Christmas decorations lit. As expected it is grainy as hell and not very sharp. I had to crank up the camera to 6 400 ISO to get a half decent exposure time in order to be able to even attempt making a handheld foto.

Walked to the recycling station this morning. It was bloody cold. The weather app on my phone says it is supposed to be -2 degrees and feel like -4 but it felt a lot colder than that. At least there is no snow.

Speaking of phones I kind of gave myself a Christmas present this year. I upgraded my old Lumia 925 to a 950. I got tired of having go out on the balcony all the time to get a good reception (I learned too late that the 925 has one of the worst receptions of all Lumia phones) and I wanted a better camera. Jonathan got a 950 as a present some time ago and I have to say that I was (is) impressed by the camera on the 950. Well as impressed as you can get by a phone camera of course.

I have to say that Windows Phone 10 is not much of an improvement over Windows Phone 8.1 though. Rather the inverse in many cases. They have taken way too many design cues from the Android crap and removed stuff that actually worked fine on 8.1. Microsoft really needs to get some good people to work on their mobile stuff and kick the short sighted bean counters out of the design process.

Well, now I’m going to see if I can get going on emptying some more moving boxes from Jonathan’s room. That and the corridor is all that is left now.

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