Another Saturday with the kids.

Today was another happy Saturday with the kids being here. My ex just picked them up after she finished work. I was so happy to have them here again. It has been a somewhat depressing week after being used to have the kids here more or less every second day during the Christmas holidays. I have a friend, that I met during my stay in Nyon, who lives in Geneva and who I usually see a couple of times per week either in Geneva or here in St Genis Pouilly but this week she had family over from Sweden so that was not possible. Thus I was alone the entire week.

So the kids was indeed very welcome this Saturday. As usual Jonathan went straight to my movie shelves and started to watch a couple of episodes of Babylon 5 followed by Cassandra who watched Roger Rabbit. In the afternoon we managed to squeeze in two episodes of Doctor Who as well.

As you can see from the featured photo of the post I made some Mexican chicken with a medium hot bean salsa and tortilla chips for lunch. No protests from the kids on that lunch.

Now I am going to sit down, relax and do some reading. I have now idea what I’m going to do tomorrow. Probably some grocery shopping but that only takes an hour and a half including the walk to the shop. Not that I miss things to do in the apartment but it is Sunday and I am frequently not that motivated to do any real work on a Sunday.

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