Tjugondag Knut

Today is “Tjugondag Knut” in Sweden. That is always a bit of a sad day since it is the day you take down all the Christmas decoration. It is a lot more fun to put them up! This year it is on a Sunday which means it is even sadder since the apartment is empty after the kids have left last evening. Well I managed to get the decorations down at least so now the living room feels a lot larger with the Christmas tree gone.

Village kids having fun in the snowWe got quite a bit of snow yesterday as well as the day before. To bad it did not come for the Christmas holidays instead. Now we got a real “Christmasy” feeling outside just when it was time to take down the decorations. Not that this is much of a surprise though since that is the way the weather usually is around here. The kids in the village was happy at least as can bee seen from the photos.

Village kids having fun in the snowMy kids are not too much into being outside, especially when it is cold and snows so yesterdays activities was the usual mix of gaming and video watching. Jonathan went straight for the Babylon 5 box set as usual. We watched the last two episodes of the latest Doctor Who season as well. Actually that is not entirely true. There is a Christmas special remaining to be watched on Netflix.

Saumon grille avec pomme de terre, haricots et sauce des herbesThe two small ones complained a bit about the food though. I wacked together some oven grilled salmon with potatoes, haricot verts and a white herb sauce. It was actually quite good but Timothy and Cassandra is not too enthusiastic about fish and do not like boiled potatoes or haricot verts at all. Well they cannot eat dead cow or pasta every time they are here so… They did eat it at least.

Now I am going to fix myself lunch and then sit down and do some reading.

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