Another wonderful Saturday with the kids.

logitech-harmony-eliteActually this particular Saturday has been even better than most Saturdays so far. Yesterday I got my new gadget delivered. A new Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote to replace my old Logitech One remote. Although my old one was still working it had a broken screen with a big black blotch on it as was beginning to become a wee bit unreliable. The new one is using the Harmony Hub so you do not have to point it at the equipment. You can even use it in another room and you can have it control not just your AV equipment but also things like your lights, termostat etc if you have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled such equipment. It is also a lot faster and more reliable than the old IR only Harmony One.

Just before lunch I got another pleasant surprise. The postman was using the port telephone to ping me. At first I wondered why he did that. I did not expect a package and he does have the port code. On my way down to meet him my little lightbulb finally lit up. My French drivers license would be delivered via registered letter and sure enough there was one waiting for me and when I opened it my French drivers license was finally there. Yeah!

Still, the main enjoyment of the day was of course the kids coming. We just finished watching the 2016 Christmas special of Doctor Who while eating a lamb stew and bread from the village bakery that I had prepared. The featured image of the post is the stew being prepared.

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