Made Poulet Marrocaine for me and the kids today.

Poulet MarrocaineThe menu for this Saturday lunch with the kids was Poulet Marrocaine with rice and sallad. Not bad at all even though it was the first time I made this recipe. If I ever do it again I will probably use a bit less water than what the recipe said though. It came out a bit more like a soup than a stew with the amount of water the recipe demanded.

Otherwise it has been a good Saturday as well as a good week. Was in Geneva twice to meet my friend and go to meetings. Actually that would be three times if one counts my regular medical visit on Mondays.

philips-hueI also got a bunch of new gadgets delivered to me. Well gadgets and gadgets. I got a Philips Hue hub and a set of Philips smart lights to go with it. Now I can control the lights in the living room with my universal remote or my tablet or my phone or automatically by time or events like sunset etc. It is actually quite nifty but I will probably write more about that in a separate post.

Anyway, time for me to go back to the living room and the kids…

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