At last! My car is back in shape.

I had my car repaired at a French garage last year. Since I have a French insurance the company insisted that I had my car repaired at a garage that they had agreed to use in France. That was a big mistake!

Once I got my car back (after several months!) I only had to start the engine to realize that something was amiss. The on board computer immediately told me that I had to service the adaptive headlight. What the fuck? How can they say that the car is ready when it tells you it is not as soon as you start it?

It gets worse however. Shortly after I started to drive it tells me that I have low tire pressure. Then it goes on to tell me that the warning system that is supposed to tell me if I am approaching something ahead of me too fast is not working. When I try to activate the speed control it tells me that the speed control needs service. At this point I started to have a few choice words about French garages.

Then I took it out on the highway and find that anything above 80 or so km/h results in bad vibrations. At 120 or above the car vibrates violently. By this time I have entered exasperated cursing mode. What the fuck have these assholes been thinking? That I would not notice that the car tells me that it is not properly repaired or that I would not notice that it is more or less shaking apart on the highway?

It took these plonkers several months to “repair” the car and still they made an unfinished slop job about it. Astonishing!

Normally they should take the car back and finish the repairs at no cost but at this time I was too feed up with those arses and I was also afraid that they would make an even bigger mess of it if I let them near the car again. So I took the car to my regular, Jeep certified, garage in Geneva for them to have a look at it. In the end I had my regular garage finish the repairs.

That was a good move since it was a real mess. The headlights were pointing everywhere but on the road. How they hell can you simply release a car like that. The wheels were grossly unbalanced. For the forward sensor they had not bothered to get an original fixture but “bricolaged” something together themselves. They also had not put back the protection so it was freely exposed to weather and road dirt. Etc. etc…

Picked the car up this morning and now everything seems to be in a good shape. Finally. It cost me another 600 CHF though. Bloody useless French garages!

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