Homemade Salsa Time !

As from the 1st of February I am back on full time workwise. That of course meant that last Friday I was working until the evening. I have not yet gotten into the rhythm of working full days and do the groceries after work which resulted in me feeling a bit stressed so I opted for something fairly simple to eat (and simple to shop ingredients for) on the Saturday when the kids were at my place. Thus pork slabs and French fries ended up on the plates last Saturday. However I felt that was a bit too simple so I decided to do some home made Salsa as well. That way I got some vegetables on the plates in a form which the kids usually do not complain too much about.

Otherwise the Saturday was pretty much the same as the previous ones. The weather was lousy so even though I now have my transportation back we stayed in the apartment which of course meant a lot of Playstation 3 as well as  Blu-ray and DVD’s. We all watched Captain America: Civil War together although that movie was unfortunately quite a bit of a disappointment.

I am afraid that I got myself an infection since I have a sore throat and feel like a cold coming on. On the Saturday it was not too bad but I felt rather off on the Sunday. I still managed to fill the car with old boxes and junk from the garage and drive to the recycling station. Once having done that and liberated some garage space I could move some the old boxes and junk that was occupying a big chunk of my entrance hallway down to the garage for further transport to the recycling station. The latter I left for another day though. At least now my hallway is cleaned up so I can start to get coat hangers and other stuff that I need for it.

Well, that’s that for this time.

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