Furniture shopping

Yesterday I went for a spending spree and did some furniture shopping. I was planning to get a dining table and chairs but I ended up getting both that and a sofa to put in front of the TV in the living room. Both of them were actually planned purchases but I did not expect to buy both at the same time. Since they had one of the models that I was considering on display and the delivery time is about three months I decided to buy both at the same time though. Otherwise I would probably not get my sofa until the second half of the year.

table-ramsesThe colors are of course not going to be the ones on the pictures since I stole those from their web site. The table and chairs are going to be beech colored with a slightly reddish darker brown ceramic insert and bordeaux red upholstery. The sofa is going to be leather also in a bordeaux like red color instead of the gray textile in the image.

The latter was available with all kinds of electronic comfort utilities but I did not really feel I would be using that very much so I went for a traditional fixed one.

Now I have to wait almost three months for it to be delivered…sigh. Well at least I managed to negotiate a 3000 € discount.

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