Vacance d’Hiver – Part 1

Dinner at Leon de BruxellesThis and next week is the winter holidays or Vacance d’hiver in France. It is a two weeks holiday and this, the first, week the kids are staying with me most of the days with a break on Wednesday when my ex is not working.

Thus they were here between Monday and Tuesday this week. As usual it involved a lot of activities in front of the TV (and they bought three new movies at Fnac in Balexert as well) but we also went for a meal at Leon de Bruxelles (mussels, mussels and more mussels) on Monday evening and, on the Tuesday, we went to Balexert to do some shopping. While there we took the opportunity to have a lunch at Fiesta Mexicana, a Mexican (obviously) restaurant in the shopping centre which is quite decent. At least for being a shopping centre restaurant.

Lunch at Fiesta Mexicana in BalexertIt was all quite enjoyable. We watched one of the new movies, Zootopia, which was quite good. Now I am waiting for my ex to bring the kids before she starts to work. They will then stay until Saturday evening. Once they have arrived I will drive to Val Thoiry to do some grocery shopping. I was in Geneva and had lunch with a friend yesterday so I did not get the time to do any shopping that day.

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