Vacance d’Hiver – Part 2

The Vacance d’Hiver nears its end. For me that is. The kids have another week but they will spend it with my ex. She will pick up the kids this evening.

It has been great fun to have the kids here for (almost) an entire week. Yesterday we went to Coque Rouge, a local restaurant where we have been many times. As a matter of fact we had the dinner after Jonathan’s christening there.


At Coque Rouge, St Genis Puilyy, for lunch
At Coque Rouge.

We noticed that there are some changes though. They have renovated and extended the place. I am not sure if the old owners are still involved or if they have retired. The food was still good although they do no longer have a’la carte at lunch. Only Plat du jour and Menu des Affaires. It is not too bad though since you have five entrees and five main courses to chose from. No matter what you choose you get the same vegs however.


It was a nice walk to and from the restaurant as well. We have been lucky with the weather. No rain and only one day without sun. Actually we had to open the doors to my terrace since it became quite warm in the morning. My apartment have a large panorama window and two other windows facing south.


Cassandra has prepared her gaming session
Cassandra has prepared her next gaming session.

Now I am in the process of making a kind of porc stew or Blanquette de Porc for lunch. Sounds fancy but it is actually a fairly rustic and traditional stew with porc, vegetables, herbs, pickled cucumbers and crème fraiche. That will be the last of my cooking for the kids this time.


By the way, the posts featured image above is from when me and my friend took a walk on the shores of Lac Leman in Geneva.

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