Finally started to get some art on the walls.

Last week it was my ex’s turn to have the kids, including the weekend and in addition this week I have not been in Geneva after work at all since my girlie friend have been in Sweden. So I have had some more time to do things for myself. I have to confess that I spent quite a bit of that time relaxing, watching TV and reading books.

Fortunately I did get around to do some less time-wasting things as well. One of those things was starting to put up some of my art on the walls. I have a lot more to put up but at least there is now a little bit of color in the entrance and the living room. I really hope that I will get my new dining table and my sofa soon. That will make the living room a lot more cozy. Unfortunately I think I have to wait at least another month.

Nice sized steaks and burgersOn another subject, I sampled a new restaurant last week while in Geneva. The Swiss Grill. Simple but quite enjoyable and good quality meat. If you are not into meat I suggest you stay well away from it. I just had to snap a photo (to the right) of the menu which was hand written on a big blackboard. I know some American’s probably wonder why the fuss but here in Europe a 700 gram chunk of meat is absolutely huge.

Speaking of photos, I created a new album, Miscellaneous 2017, on Flickr for everyday photos that do not really fit in any of the regular albums. Quite a few of these photos have been taken with my phone though so the quality ranges from okay to abysmal.

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