Yet another weekend with the kids.

I have not had the time to write up this weekend’s events until now. As the title suggests it was another nice weekend with the kids. This weekend they stayed the entire weekend between Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Actually the two small ones wanted to stay longer…until I explained that if they stayed in St Genis Pouilly they would still have to go to school on Monday.

Since they had just started school again after the winter holidays we stayed home for a calm and quiet weekend this time. Well, as quiet as it can be with three kids blasting away with Blu-ray’s, YouTube, PS3 and other noise makers.

Of course I have to say something about the cuisine. Cooking is one of my interests after all. Pictured above is the ingredients for a lovely and rather quick pasta with shrimp, tomato and herb pasta. As usual with pasta it went down rather well with the kids. So did my lamb and vegetable grill plate (I had planned to do skewers but found out in the last minute that the skewers are probably in some box in the garage) with Mediterranean rice. The Sunday was completed by a oven made chicken with a honey and mustard sauce. I was not sure about the honey and mustard combination but when I read the recipe I know I had to try it. It was actually quite good. Even the kids found it nice.


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