Finally got some curtains up

Got some curtains up in the apartment
Green curtains for Timothy…of course.

Yesterday the kids were at my place as usual on a Saturday. A lot of TV and Playstation was on the program of course. I had just received Doctor Strange on Blu-ray so we sat down and watched that one. Quite a good movie actually. A review will come up on my Books & Movies site shortly (translation: when I get around to it).

Anyway, this weekend they only stayed the Saturday so this morning I went about to get the curtains up that I bought. Actually I bought some of them yesterday when I had to go to Val Thoiry to get my new bracelet for my watch anyway and some of them I bought quite some time ago.

Got some curtains up in the apartmentSo I got curtains up in my bedroom, Cassandra’s bedroom, Timothy’s bedroom and the living room. I still have to find some cool curtains for Jonathan’s room. It makes quite a bit of difference. I will need to take them down again to iron them but that is for a rainy day :-).

The rooms feel much more comfortable and cozy now with the curtains up covering the naked window frames. Now if only my sofa, dining table and chairs that I have ordered would finally be delivered things are starting to feel that they are coming together at last. Well there are still a bunch of art that need to go up on the walls as well of course.

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