This is a post.

As you can see I did not have the fantasy, nor energy, to come up with some catchy title for this post and it is ten days since my last post just to make it worse 😦 . Well, so sue me. The last two weeks have been a wee bit hectic.

One of my friends in Geneva, who is undergoing treatment for addiction, had a relapse. A bad one. In the end I, together with my doctor, arranged for the person to, more or less, be dragged to a clinic. The only way to get it to work was for me to promise to come along so I ended up having to go up at 4:30 two days last week in order to meet up in Geneva and then go together to the clinic before work. Just for fun I had other arrangements in Geneva the evenings before both those days so I basically went to bed around midnight and then had the wake up alarm set to 4:30. I was somewhat tired by the end of the week. It was doubly frustrating since several of the persons relatives has little understanding for the mechanics of an addiction and is not very supportive or constructive…rather the inverse.

Well, the person in question got detoxed, got medication and got a frequent appointment schedule at the clinic so hopefully it is moving in the right direction. We just have to see.

At least all the calamities did not stop me from having the kids over last Saturday. As usual very enjoyable and just what I needed right then since I was quite concerned for my friend. My doctor tells me that stress or worry is not at all good for me right now so it was not an ideal week.

Anyway, me and the kids watched the remake of The Magnificent Seven which was quite good. I actually got it on a combo Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray even though my hardware cannot handle 4K. It is on the somewhat longer term plan to upgrade to a 4K capable set up though.

On the food menu was a nice hot chili for lunch. The featured image of the post is the Chili in the making. Otherwise it is back to work as usual since yesterday for me.

Well, that is about all from me for this time.

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