Creamy Italian soup and kids.

Italian soup with Pasta and ChickenNormally soup, especially one with lots of vegetables in, do not go that well together. However this Saturday, when the kids came as usual, I dared to go for this Creamy basil Parmesan Italian soup that I found on It was excellent actually and the kids all went for seconds as well. It is really a soup that is a meal in itself with the cream, cheese, pasta and chicken bits.

Italian soup with Pasta and ChickenOtherwise I have, luckily, had a fairly decent week. Certainly less “bouleversant”, as the French say, than last week. My suffering friend has finally started on a proper treatment program at a clinic that I know well and things seems to be going in the right direction this time.

The kids and I just watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Blu-ray. Great movie. I was a bit scared that it would just be something to milk a few more dollars out of the franchise but luckily I was wrong. I will post a review on my Books & Movies Site as soon as I get some time to write one.

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