First lunch on the terrace for the season.

Yesterday me and the kids lunched on the terrace for the first time this season. Actually it was the first time I lunched on the terrace at my new apartment altogether. It was great. Not only was it great to really feel that Spring is really coming but, since I have not yet received the dining table that I have ordered, it was great to be able to sit and eat at a proper table. The weather today is even better so when a friend from Geneva comes over this afternoon we will repeat the experience.

For yesterdays lunch I went for traditional Swedish “husmanskost” and made a Fläskpannkaka. Although I have eaten plenty of them it was actually the first time I made one myself. Not that they are very difficult to make though. Anyway, I managed to get it just right the first time around.

Early birthday cakeSince it is Timothy’s birthday next Tuesday I also bought a nice cake for a little pre-celebration desert since the on Tuesday he will be in school and I will be at work. Everyone except Cassandra liked it but Cassandra does not like anything that is not chocolate right now. This one had strawberries, lime and, believe it or not, basil. At first I thought what the f… when the baker told me it had basil in it but it was actually quite nice. There was only a very light hint basil, just enough to give it a nice twist.

Otherwise the Saturday went along as Saturdays usually do when the kids are over. Lots of TV watching and game playing. Next weekend is the Easter weekend and the kids will stay the entire weekend. Nice Morgan that had parked next to me when I was shopping.I have to figure out something to do that weekend so the kids do not turn completely into couch potatoes.

And now for something completely different… I did some shopping for today’s lunch this morning (it will be some shellfish concoction) and found this nice Morgan parked besides me. The driver was all properly dressed up with leather “helmet” and everything. Nice guy. He did not mind me taking a quick photo of it with my phone.

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