Looong weekend with the kids.

The kids have been staying at my place since Thursday for a really long weekend. It is their first week of the school holidays so they are alternating between my place and my ex’s place. I took Thursday and Friday off to spend some quality time with them.

This time I tried to not have them vegetate in front of the TV all the time. It was not that much of an effort on Thursday and Friday since we had some stuff to do anyway. On the Thursday I took Jonathan and Timothy to the barber. Timothy did of course play Mr. Grumpy the entire morning since he never want to do anything that has to do with things like the barber, buying clothes and so on.

Yesterday we went to Balexert to buy some new clothes for Jonathan. He has become quite a fashion guy which I do not mind at all since he is going for the smart kind of fashion. We got him a new gray jacket and a shirt.

Lunch at Fiesta MexicanaSince we were going to Balexert I planned in a lunch at one of the restaurants there as well. More specifically the Fiesta Mexicana. It was quite nice as always. I got something that they labelled as a “pre-peruvian” dish. Well, it sure as hell looked ancient with Tequila barbecued shrimps served in a huge bowl made out of volcano rock and with peppers, pimentos and other traditional South American things to go with it.

Today we are going to go back to Balexert after lunch to watch a movie at the cinema complex there. I finally got to get the kids to agree on a movie. Actually Jonathan and Cassandra gets together and agrees quite easily. Timothy however always finds something to complain about. That annoys me to no end.

Unfortunately what the kids chose was the new Power Rangers movie. Oh well, I hope it is better than the TV-series at least.

Yesterday I made some grilled chicken with wedge potatoes and salad, a half chicken per person, and the kids were so stuffed that despite me having bought dessert they did not want any. Oh my.

Grilled chicken with thyme, wedge potatoes and sallad

For tonight there will be tuna with pasta on the menu. I got some fresh tuna steaks from the shop this morning as well as some pieces of dead cow (beef fillet) for tomorrow lunch since it is the last day this time. We might get some guests tomorrow as well. Remains to be seen. I guess I have to binge eat beef fillet the coming days if not since I am sure as hell not freezing beef fillet.

The obligatory stop at LolipopOh, by the way. There is no way the kids will let me get away with going to Balexert without a visit to Lolipop.

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