Sunny Saturday and Creole porc chops with Cajun Mac & Cheese.

After a pretty crappy week weather-wise we finally got a sunny Saturday. As usual the kids are here with me so it is really appreciated to have some nice weather today.

This Saturday I went for Creole/Cajun food for lunch. Actually I got inspiration for Cajun food when watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. I quite like Ramsay’s cooking shows. Unfortunately it’s the US version on a US channel so some hypocritical bible belter has fucked up the show by censoring the trademark language of Ramsay. Not only did they add stupid beeps to the soundtrack but they also pop up a bloody annoying gray blur over his mouth whenever he is using language for grown ups. Come on! What’s the point of buying a show that is specifically known for the lead character’s cursing and then fuck it up with beeps and blurs? Hypocritical assholes!

Anyway, Creole and Cajun on the menu for today it was. I found a nice recipe for some Creole seasoning which l rubbed on pork chops. After popping them into my cast iron frying pan I served them with a Cajun Mac & Cheese. Okay, I did make the Mac & Cheese a bit lighter than they usually are since I served it together with a good chunk of dead pig. I thought it was quite nice and the kids took healthy helpings so I guess it was to their liking as well.

Speaking of foul language by the way. I’m writing this post on my tablet sitting in the living room in front of the TV where Cassandra is playing Grand Theft Auto. Holy cow! That game has some seriously foul language. I think my ears are starting to smoke.

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