Tried using the grill in my apartment for the first time.

I guess this weekend can be summarized with cooking and movie/TV watching as can most of the weekends lately. Well, that is perhaps not exactly true but there was a lot of movie/TV watching and some cooking.

The kids have stayed the entire weekend. I will drive them to Bellegarde in a couple of hours. Jonathan needed new shoes so we started off going to Balexert. At least me and Jonathan went to Balexert. The two small ones did not want to go so they stayed in the apartment. Apart from the shoes we picked up Moana on Blu-ray at FNAC which we watched while having lunch today. It was quite good although the two small ones insisted that we watched it in French. Not even telling them that it was “The Rock” doing the English voice for Maui managed to convince them. Grumble…

At Coq Rouge for dinner
At Coq Rouge for dinner

I made some nice minced meat steaks for lunch on Saturday. Classical Swedish style with potatoes, salad and green pepper cream sauce. Timothy complained about getting plain boiled potatoes of course. If it is not fried it is no good for him.

At Coq Rouge for dinner
Grumpy Tim

However, in the evening I had booked a table at Coq Rouge here in the village. They changed owners about two years ago and the new owners are trying to keep it a bit more posh than the previous ones. The food was quite good. I would not say they merit any Guide Michelin stars but quite good nonetheless. Of course Timothy was complaining that all the dishes had something in them that he did not like. Sigh. He always finds something negative to complain about these times.

Lamb skewers ready for the grill
Lamb skewers ready for the grill

For lunch today I tried to use the grill in my oven for the first time. Grilled lamb skewers with Mediterranean rice, pickled olives, pickled garlic and a set of BBQ sauces. There was about 1.2 Kg of meat on those skewers and it went down almost all of it.

Oh, I made a small English breakfast (featured image of this post) with sausages, scrambled eggs and a few other things this morning as well. English style breakfast is usually a bit of a hit with the kids. The only drawback is that I have to get up early to prepare. Okay, maybe not that early but a hell of a lot earlier than if I would have just served corn flakes and sandwiches.

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