Busy weekend.

Here we go again. Another weekend has passed. The kids came on Saturday as usual although this weekend they only stayed for that day. I had nothing in particular planned for the day. I had to go shopping anyway since I did not have time to do that the day before. I was busy setting up my 4K goodness remember 🙂 .

Well the kids did not really mind since they got their fix of digital media consumption as usual and so did I. We watched Assassin’s Creed while eating lunch, in real Ultra HD (from a Blu-ray and not that low bitrate streaming stuff) with Atmos sound. Really nice experience although I found the movie itself somewhat underwhelming. There will be a review on my Books and Movies site shortly.

Chicken stew/curry with smoked chicken saussagesSpeaking of eating lunch, I made a stew/curry with smoked chicken sausages, peppers, apples and mango chutney. Yet another new experiment but all the kids had seconds so I guess it was successful. I quite liked it as well although the mango chutney made it a wee bit on the sweet side.

Saute de Agneaux ProvencaleOn Sunday I had my lady-friend and her father over for lunch. They were not scheduled to arrive until one o’clock so I had to make something that I could prepare in advance since I also had to drive to the tram station and pick them up. I opted for a Saute d’Agneaux Provençale. A fairly traditional dish but I quite like it and, apparently, so did my lady-friend’s father since I overheard him speak to his wife saying it was really good and that he wanted them to try and make it back home.

Next weekend there will be no kids at my place since my ex is having a week off and the kids will stay with her. However the week after is Ascension on Thursday and I have taken the Friday off so I will have a four day weekend with them.

Oh, one last thing. I went over to Mobilier de France yesterday after work to ask where the bloody hell my sofa and dining table is. As it turned out they have already received the sofa but are waiting for the dining table and the chairs and expect those to arrive withing 2 to 3 weeks…finally!

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