A weekend without the kids

This weekend was a bit unusual in that I spent it without the kids. My ex had a week of holiday so the kids stayed at her place all week including the weekend. Felt a bit weird not having the kids over but at least it meant that I could have a sleep in on the Saturday for once.

Walk in Parc de la Grance, GenevaThis did not mean that I spent the entire weekend vegetating in the apartment though. Well, I had quite a bit of stuff to do (I still have a mountain of ironing to do…) but on Saturday afternoon I went to Geneva and had a nice walk in the park with my girlfriend. The weather has finally turned good again after a period of rainy and cold days. We spent a really nice time there. Unfortunately I did not think of taking my camera with me so the photos are taken with my phone…again. I really have to get back into the habit of bringing a decent camera with me on occasions like this. In the evening we went to a meeting with friends suffering from the same ailment as we do.

Pasta sauce a'la Baron RiccasoliOf course no kids did not mean that I did not get a chance to do some cooking. On Saturday my girlfriend and her father came over for lunch. They came just after the normal lunch time actually and I had to drive to the tram station to pick them up so I was forced to do something I could prepare pretty much all the way in advanced. My choice fell on fresh pasta and Pasta Sauce a’la Baron Ricasoli. It is actually a pretty old recipe that me and my ex found in a edition of Allt Om Mat quite a few years back but I still do it on a fairly regular basis.

Unfortunately the entire family of my girlfriend are hockey fanatics…I am not. Anyway, there has been quite a bit of hockey watching the last couple of days. What do we men not do to please the girlies? Well, I guess I have built up quite a bit of leeway with her when it comes to binge watching science fiction and fantasy at least. Sadly she is not a fan of these exquisite arts.

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