Calm and relaxing weekend.

The weekend that just passed was a calm and relaxing weekend indeed. Especially compared to the one before that with the Fete de l’Oiseau and all that. The kids only stayed for the Saturday this weekend and I had not really planned anything in particular to do.

Jonathan asked if we could drive to Balexert to have a wee look around at Fnac so we did just that. Actually we ended up having a wee look around at MediaMarkt as well on our way back. He is pondering whether to go for a new Desktop rig (which he really doesn’t need) that he assembles himself with custom parts or a new lightweight laptop (which he actually do need). Guess which one he decided to go for in the end 🙂 .

three beef tacos with cheese, lettuce and tomatoesI had promised the kids to make Taco’s now when I finally got my dining table so we did not have to sit cramped up at the low table in front of the TV so that is what they got. I tried out the new basket shaped Taco shells from Old El Paso. The one’s that has Danny Trejo (Machete) in their commercials. Nothing to write home about I am afraid. They were made from wheat instead of corn and were kind of semi soft. I am really annoyed that you really cannot get the hard corn variety of ordinary Taco shells in France anymore. I guess too many people put convenience ahead of taste 😦 .

Clematis JackmaniiWell, enough of that. Since, as I wrote, the kids were home only for the Saturday I took the opportunity to go to Botanic on the Sunday to get more stuff for the balcony. I picked up some herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Piment de Cayenne) and a flower pot for the herbs. I also picked up a Clematis Jackmanii to put in a pot that I had already bought the last time I was at Botanic. I hope to get it to cling to the balcony railing and go all the way to the other side.

It was a nice sunny weekend so it was perfect for some “gardening”. The forecast for the next 14 days appears to be great as well. Sunny and temperatures in the 28 to 32 degrees range. Okay a few of those days are “confiance 2” meaning pretty uncertain but … fingers crossed.

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