Three days with the kids…well kind of.

Okay, last week/weekend I spent three days with the kids… kind of. So you ask, what do you mean “kind of”? Well I had to work so the kids have been here since Thursday and I  came home and made lunch . Then I went back to work for another four hours.

It’s a good thing that I live about ten minutes from my work. , unless there is one of these all too common traffic jams caused by the total incompetence that the green communists responsible for traffic planning in Geneva possess that is. Then it is more like half an hour and good forbid that I have to go downtown Geneva.

So it was a bit of a different experience actually going home for lunch and cooking lunch for the kids as well as not coming home to an empty apartment after work. Also, the kids being there on the weekdays meant that we had plenty of “filmtime” in the evenings. We went through Kong: Skull Island and Logan. Unfortunately we were not exactly impressed by any of them.

On the Saturday we wanted to go to Val Thoiry for a haircut but when we came there there was a two hour queue (drop in only, no reservations) so we decided to just go around and do some shopping and then we went to Leon de Bruxelles for lunch (request from Timothy).

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