Back from Holiday!

Actually I was back already on Monday evening but it is not until today that I actually get some time to finally write a post about my holidays. I am 4 book reviews behind on my Books & Movies site as well.

Well I guess that I have some catch up to do but that will not happen tonight though. You see I picked up my new toy just before lunch. I have been pondering about upgrading my old Playstation 3 for some time. I have been sitting on the fence a bit as to whether I should go for PS3 or Xbox One. I had almost decided to wait for the Xbox One X to come out and go for that one. However, my daughter has been giving me some various, more or less subtle (usually less), hints about new games. Most of them for PS4. Well, what the heck, a PS4 goes for 399 Euro here in Europe which is not a huge amount. I am sure everyone outside of the European Union will disagree of course but unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get rid of the worthless, tax greedy, wankers in Brussels.

Anyway, I ordered a PS4 Pro which I, as I wrote, picked up today and this evening it’s going to be install time. The Xbox One X? Well, it is not coming out until fall and then we have to see if there are any first generation issues but next year I might get one of those as well.

I believe I mentioned holiday in the title so maybe I should say something about that as well. It was the, more or less traditional, visit to grandpa and grandma for the kids. CERN pays for a “home leave” every second year but of course I have to go on it in order to get any money so the last Friday of July me and the kids boarded a plane for Copenhagen.

At the Artillery Museum in CopenhagenWe spent two full days in Copenhagen going to the Botanical Garden, the Artillery Museum, the Zoo, Copenhagen Aquarium and last but not least Tivoli Gardens. We had booked two junior suites at a great hotel just a few steps from Tivoli Gardens and with our rooms on the 15th floor we had a great view as well. The kids did enjoy themselves even if they complained about too much walking. I’d say that they have been spending too much time on the couch so some physical movement is just what the doctor ordered.

After our days in Copenhagen we went on to Sweden for their visit to their grandparents. Apart from spending time with their grandparents we also went to Glimmingehus to see black powder cannons being fired and to Tykarpsgrottan which is actually not a cave but an old chalk mine.

At Glimmingehus watching black powder gun firingAll in all a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Of course I took a bunch of photos which I uploaded to my Flickr account. This time I brought my SLR camera. Usually when flying I take a smaller camera but I have not been doing much photography lately and felt I wanted to catch up on that so I went for the SLR even if it is bulky as hell on the plane.

The photos are uploaded to the following albums:

Botanical Garden Copenhagen

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Artillery Museum

Tivoli Copenhagen

Copenhagen & Sweden 2017

The last album contains mostly photos of interest for family and close friends.

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