Busy last couple of weeks.

The last couple of weeks have been busy as hell work wise. I should have posted something already last weekend but I simply did not manage to find the time to do so. So now I am forcing myself to stress down and take some time to jot down a few words.

The kids came to my place last weekend which was a bit unexpected since it was the last weekend of my ex’s holiday but apparently they had requested to come. Obviously I am very happy about that. I was actually suspecting that it was the PS4 that was drawing them here but in the end they did not actually play that much so I am even more happy about it now.

Trio of CurrysSince it was a bit of a surprise visit I kind of was in a rush to think of something to cook for them. In the end I decided on curry. But to make it a bit more extravagant I did not make just a curry but a Trio of Curries. One rather mild pork curry with peas and squash, a slightly hotter Thai curry with shrimps, carrots julienne, green onions and lime and a “if you have to ask it is too hot for you” lamb curry with peppers and home grown chilies.

One home made Pesto coming up.Today they are here again and yesterday I did some home made Pesto from Basil that I had grown on the balcony. So it was fresh pasta with Pesto on the menu for today’s lunch.

After lunch me a Jonathan had a little mini-binge watching of four episodes of Big Bang Theory. We actually only planned to watch three but after the third episode we saw that the next episode was going to be about Leonard going to visit the LHC in Switzerland (CERN) and I just had to watch that one. I work at CERN after all so…

Unfortunately I had a bit of a nasty surprise this morning. Me and my ex have filed for shared custody for the children but now when I started to bring it up she tells me that the kids, actually Cassandra specifically, are not too happy about it since she fears her grades may be affected by the additional 30 minutes travel time.

Teary EyesI am a bit upset about that. I mean, I cannot argue too much against the fears of my daughter for her education but, for Christ sake, this was what we filed for almost two years ago. Why did my ex wait until now when we were about to go forward to drop it on me? It’s not that we haven’t spoken about it before. Also, I wasn’t really asked when my ex moved the kids from the schools here in St Genis and Gex to Bellegarde. I cannot help feeling that I have been played. My doctor is just in the process of getting me off the last antidepressants and this was sure as hell not what I needed right now.

I just hope that we’re still on track for a “d’accord amiable”. I guess we’ll have to see. I did not have time to discuss it much when my ex left the kids since she was on her way to work. Hopefully it is not as bad as it looks at the time of writing this.

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