About Me

Me, I have a Master’s Degree in computer engineering and I work as a computer engineer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is the worlds largest particle physics laboratory with around 2 500 staff and 11 000 visiting scientists from different institutes in over 110 countries. I moved from Sweden to France in 1994 and I have been working at CERN ever since.

When I’m not working I indulge in computers (yes it’s a hobby as well as my work), photography and movies and books. For my interests in books, computers and movies I have a separate site here where I write about things related to these interests including my amateur reviews of books and movies. With the movie interest comes a lot of film watching of course and I have a fairly sizeable film collection. Since a while I read quite a lot of books. Mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy ones. Since end of 2011 I have an account on Goodreads where I keep track of my reading. Most of my reading, actually almost all of it, are e-books, a lot of it from Amazon but also from Baen e-books and other sources.

This site is my personal blog and diary. A lot of the content of this site is of personal nature. However it’s public to anyone who want’s to look at it. Keeping this blog and the pages on it serves as a pastime and relaxation for myself. I update it when I feel like it and I ramble about things I feel like rambling about. If you do not like my ramblings, well, it’s my blog after all so go somewhere else.

I do have a Facebook account as well but I really do not use it very much. Apart from some fairly automated updates from Goodreads etc. I rarely touch it.

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