About The Site

IMG_0102Welcome to my blog site. This site is my personal blog and diary. A lot of the content of this site is of personal and family nature which is used to communicate family news and events to family and friends that remains living in Sweden. However it’s public to anyone who want’s to look at it.

Keeping this blog and the pages on it serves as a pastime and relaxation for myself. I update it when I feel like it and I ramble about things I feel like rambling about. If you do not like my ramblings, well, it’s my blog after all so go somewhere else.

In the top menu bar you find some pages about my hobbies and interests. In the widget bar to the right you’ll find some links to other pages that I have. For instance to my film collection, various photo albums and some more stuff. I also try to categorize the post in case someone would list them by category. A clickable list of categories is available in the widget bar.

I also have a second site dedicated specifically to my interests in books, computers and movies where I write about these things and also post my amateur reviews and opinions about books I have read and movies that I have watched.

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