Mini cruise on Lac Leman

Mini cruise at Lac Leman (Geneva)Well it has been another weekend and as usual that meant that the kids came over. This time we made a little trip to Geneva and took a mini cruise on Lac Leman. I brought my SLR this time and got some quite nice photos. I uploads A few of them to this photo album on my  Flickr account.

Mini cruise at Lac Leman (Geneva)

Afterwards we went to a nice Italian restaurant in Geneva.

The weather was great as you can see from the photos. According to the forecast it will continue to be nice with 30+ degrees for the coming week or so.

Red Pesto ChickenNow for the usual food stuff. Obviously l did not cook anything for Saturday lunch. In the evening l put together a red pesto chicken with olives and Feta cheese served with bread and a salad. It went down quite well with the kids.

IMG-20170716-0462For Sunday lunch I did not have anything prepared so I made some quick browsing on some of my favorite food sites, specifically and (. se)  (. fr). What I found was a recipe for porc filet wrapped in Serrano ham with a balsamic vinegar sauce. I could not find any good pieces of porc filet when I went shopping in the morning so l  substituted it for a lovely filet mignon of veal that l found instead. If turned out to be quite tasty. Before being wrapped in the Serrano ham the filet was covered in a mixture of chopped dried tomatoes, garlic, ground Parmesan and chopped home grown basil.

Jonathan had seconds. The two small ones were not too keen on the vinegar sauce (which did get a rather sad grey color, that has to be said) but the rest went down.

Well th th th th that’s all folks (for this time).

It is a long time since I wrote on this blog!

The time between posts nowadays are much longer than I actually want it to be. Times have been difficult, to say the least, lately. Anyway I write this post because I finally got a few good news (selling the house etc…) and I actually got back to take some photos, which used to be my hobby, last weekend.

Me and the kids went to fete the l’oiseau last weekend. Well, due to the accident that has left me without transport for quite some time it was my wife that took me and the kids there. It was so nice to spend some pleasure time with the kids again.

Unfortunately JJ got sick after the third attraction. He tried to keep up with his little sister which apparently has overcome the motion sickness problems that she had when she was younger. She used to get sick just by us driving across the Jura’s. I guess that he’s ego got a bit bruised by that.

Anyway, I put up some of the pictures I took from the fete on my Flickr account. It is not many but they should be available in my Flickr Photo stream.

Swedish Christmas Market in Lausanne

Last weekend it was time for the traditional Swedish Christmas market in Lausanne. As usual we was there just when the doors opened to make sure that we got the stuff that we needed for Christmas before it got sold out. When I say we, I refer to me and the kids. Bodil was working as usual on a Saturday nowadays.

We overextended ourselves a bit moneywise on the smoked eel, elk sausages and Swedish cheese so I did not get any of the Swedish pea soup or brown beans. But then it is only me that seems to like these things. Well, Jonathan does like the Swedish pea soup but then maybe I can try and find some internet shop that ships that kind of stuff.

Da VinciAfterwards we went to one of our “regular” Italian restaurants in Divonne-les-Bains on the way home. Unfortunately this place used to be really good but it was bought up by a Italian restaurant chain a few years ago so now it is “just” good. A bit of a shame really.

We did not get home until shortly before 5 o’clock in the evening and then I had to just drop of the kids and quickly rush out again to get some food for the evening meal. Somewhat stressed out I decided to go simple, just some filet de porc, asparagus and a fois gras sauce with some Porto thrown in. It was quite nice.

My “wife” did the cocking on the Sunday. She made a “foresters” stew with mushrooms, juniper berries and lingonberries and a piece of dead cow. I have to say that it was excellent.

Otherwise the weekend was as usual. Not so fun me being depressed as has become the habit now. I though I would adapt to the situation and I probably would have if it was not for this criminal asshole that caused this entire situation. It might have happened anyway, it probably would have, but the thought that my children will be in contact with a guy like this is simply unbearable. I entrusted my son to this guy and he uses his position in this way. I wonder if my wife realises that what he has done is criminal. To court someone else’s wife is immoral, to court a client, especially when you are in a position were you are taking care of handicapped children is, criminal. The only reason that I have not, yet, taken legal action is that I do not want my wife to suffer further.

Well, I did have a nice Saturday with the kids at least.

Me and the kids are preparing for our trip to Toulouse

This afternoon me and the kids are preparing and packing for our trip to Toulouse. Me and Jonathan started to prepare already last Saturday by watching an airplane disaster movie :-). Hopefully the kids will feel that they get something that looks like a small summer holiday trip despite the resent events. Jonathan is looking forward to it but then that is perhaps not so surprising since there is a visit to the Airbus factory and two airplane and space museums in the schedule, and he gets to fly to Toulouse.

Unfortunately there do not seem to be any zoo or anything with live animals in Toulouse which would have appealed to the two small ones but there is the Museum de Toulouse which is a nature and science museum and they do like to go to the one in Geneva. There is also a war museum which they might be interested in, at least Timothy.

Very nice “birthday” lunch at Auberge de Chateau in Nyon.

Auberge de ChateauYesterday we had a very nice lunch at Auberge de Chateau in Nyon. This is one of my favourite restaurants in the region. It is kind of posh without being so posh that you feel that you cannot go there without a suit. We had booked a table at the terrace so we were quite casually dressed. From the title of the post you might deduce that it was connected to my birthday. Traditionally we go to some restaurant at some convenient time around a family members birthday. My wife picked an excellent, and new, restaurant for her birthday last month. I decided to go for one I knew well, hence Auberge de Chateaux.

It would have been an absolutely excellent outing if not for the fact that JJ seemed to have caught the stomach illness that Timothy had a few days ago so he did not finish his truffles pizza.

Well, that and our recent family issues. Quite frankly I do not know how to handle those. Actually I am pretty sure that I will not be able to handle them. I cannot say that I have a life to look forward to anymore so…

I am sure that a few of my regular readers are wondering what those family issues are but I am afraid that I am not going to go into any details on that. At least not until the future is more clear to me although, right now I do not see any future at all. I am afraid that my will to live have largely deserted me.

Fete de l’Oiseau and Birthday

Fete de l'OiseuxThis weekend is the weekend of the Fete de l’Oiseau in St Genis. Naturally the kids have been looking forward to it (although there are less and less attractions that are suitable for Jonathan as he is growing older). Anyway we did of course go there yesterday afternoon. Jonathan mostly went by himself and of course jumped on the biggest and scariest stuff (see photos). He did say that he felt a bit queasy afterwards though.

Fete de l'OiseuxTimothy is mostly interested in the shooting stuff, which unfortunately is also the most expensive stuff if you are going to do a couple of rounds. He also have the habit of looking at the shelves of prices and expecting to get anything that he wants so he got rather upset when I said that there was no way that he could get that sniper rifle he wanted. He did score enough to get a small pump rifle with plastic bullets which he played with all evening.

Cassandra is mostly interested in some of the medium attractions together with Bodil. And then there is the cotton candy of course.

L'Auberge de RenfortYesterday was also Bodil’s birthday and she had picked a nice restaurant in Switzerland, Auberge de Renfort, which we visited for lunch. It was Jonathan’s kind of restaurant as well since the menu was almost exclusively consisting of various pieces of dead cow.

Shopping for sewing machines in Annecy

Lunch at the shopping area outside AnnecyToday we went to Annecy to look for a sewing machine for my dear wife’s birthday. It is one of the things that she has on her wish list and since I know shit about sewing machines it is one of those presents were she has to choose the brand and model herself.

We did find, and buy, a sewing machine but we also decided to never go to this shopping area on a weekend ever again. It is a huge kind of industrial zone with hundreds of shops. It is so big that you really have to drive if you want to go from one end to the other end and it was filled with people and cars. It took us about 45 minutes to drive from Crozet to Annecy and we were sitting in car queues in Annecy and in the shopping area for almost as much.

Well we got what we came for at least and before leaving the area we stopped at one of the many restaurants there for some traditional French dead cow and some frites. Well my dear wife got herself a chicken salad and from a culinary point of view that was probably the best choice. Not that the dead cow was bad but it was pretty standard stuff that you get almost everywhere in France. The service was a bit confused though and they managed to misplace Cassandra’s order and did not react when they only served food for four people out of five. Intelligence was obviously not one of the criteria for employment at that place.