Another two weeks gone by.

Another two weeks has gone by. I’ve spent both weekends with the kids at my place although we did not do anything special this time. Jonathan and I continued our semi-binge watching of 007 and watched through another two movies each weekend. Actually, as I am writing this on a sunny (for once) Sunday morning we still have one movie to watch this weekend. Cassandra has submerged herself in one of the Christmas present games, Monster Hunter World. She actually went out of bed around 4:30 this morning to start to play!

Next weekend is the start of the school Winter holidays so the kids will be at my place some more during the week after that. The plan is for two of them (Jonathan do not start his holiday until a week later) to come next Sunday and stay a few days beginning of the week. Then all of them will come for some days the week after. I will plan some time off from work that week.

As we did not do anything particular these two weekend, which the kids are generally quite happy with since it gives them more game and movie time, I haven’t take any photos so the featured image of this post is a photo of my new sub-woofer. I had ordered it quite a while ago and it got delivered just before last weekend. It was the last weak link in my home cinema setup.

Of old my old stuff my old sub-woofer was probably the one thing I was actually quite unhappy with. It was musically quite correct but as soon as it was forced to go down below 35 Hz, which would be quite often given the kind of movies that I watch, it started to rumble and distort the sound. This one is a quite affordable mid-range model which, with a 800W RMS Sledge amplifier and a 12 inch driver, packs quite a punch and delivers down to 16 Hz without breaking a sweat. I guess some might consider it butt ugly in the living room of course but hey, not me, I am a home cinema geek after all.

My only problem now is that I have to be careful not to give the neighbors “the shakes”.

A Boys Only Sunday

Well, it is about three weeks since I last could be bothered to post anything. I have been wanting to sit down and write something several times but never managed to gather the willpower to do so.

It is not much that has happened after all. I survived the lonely first week of January although that was really a tough one. The divorce is dragging on. As usual my wife’s lawyer has shown absolutely no life signs whatsoever. I am not sure if she really is such a two-bit incompetent lawyer that she cannot be bothered to do her work or if she intentionally delays everything knowing full well that I am paying around 25 000 Euros in “temporary payments” to my wife every year. Money that she of course is not going to consider when we negotiate this bloody French payment compensatoire that I have to pay once the divorce is finalized. My therapist decided to increase the frequency of our sessions since she felt I was getting too depressed again.

Anyway, enough of the whining (it does help to write about it though so…). The kids were at my place all of last weekend as well as this weekend. Actually, already last week Jonathan said that he was going to stay the entire weekend regardless of what Cassandra (who only wanted to stay for the Saturday) did. So this Sunday we had a Boys Only Sunday.

Not that it was that much different from any other Sunday. Me and Jonathan did some binge watching of James Bond watching The Spy Who Loved Me on the Saturday and Moonraker yesterday. I had almost forgotten how crappy Moonraker is.

Burger lunch on our Boys Only SundayOf course a Boys Only Sunday, pretty much a Boys Only anything for that matter, requires some Boys Only junk food so we had some home made burgers. It is a kids favorite when I serve all the ingredients separately so it becomes do it yourself burgers.

I have pretty much just come back from driving the kids to Bellegarde. This is the worst part, the first evening when the apartment is all empty again.

Oh well, they will be here all of next weekend as well.


Christmas market in Lausanne

Today me and the kids went to the Swedish Christmas market in Lausanne to get our yearly fix of Swedish food products for Christmas.

Actually we first went to Balexert in Geneva to do some Christmas shopping and to pick up Jonathan’s vest for his suit. It actually went unusually smooth. Even Timothy found something fairly quickly. Not that this years shopping ordeal is over by any means though. I still have quite a few presents to buy myself and the kids have to buy the presents that they are going to give between them as well.

After that shopping spree we drove to Lausanne. It was a bit of a pain to get there as usual. The drivers in the French speaking region of Switzerland must be among the worst highway drivers in Europe. They constantly hug the left lane and never cares about anyone else.

Once there though it was surprisingly easy to get the shopping done and nothing was sold out despite the fact that we were later than usual. I was afraid that there would be massive queues since we were a bit late but there was almost none at all. Smoked eel, fish (sill), Swedish cheese, elk sausages etc. etc. all went into our bags smoothly.

We even got some real “Julmust”. Normally we buy that at Ikea but since the fucking bean counters ruined the Swedish shops at Ikea we buy less and less. This year Ikea’s own brand of “Julmust” was even more abysmal than their usual surrogate. Everyone, except the unsuspecting foreigners, know that “Ikea’s own brand” is just a rewriting of “We buy at as cheep as possible on the world market”. This years batch must have come from North Korea.

After the shopping we want home for a late lunch. I made some Jambalaya-like stuff on peppers, chicken and Chorizo from the Basque region.

To Timothy’s great despair we went out again after lunch. Well him and me at least. We had to go down to the florist where he is going to do his “stage” later. There were some paperwork that had to be done.

I think this was the busiest Saturday in quite a while. We only had time to watch one episode of The Orville just before Cassandra had booked the TV at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. That was when the free beta of Monster Hunter started on PS4.

Well, at least now I can sit down and relax a bit.

Went for some Jalfrezi with the kids last weekend.

Last weekend the kids where at my place for the entire weekend again. We did not really have any specific plans saving our energy and money for the Christmas season. Jonathan needed a new suitcase so we went to Balexert to pick one up but that was more or less all we did.

Lunch at Le Mahal in St Genis-PouillyExcept for a trip to the new restaurant, Le Mahal, in the village. Unfortunately it is yet another Indian one (we now have two of them in this small village) but it is within walking distance and it is open all days of the week.

When I saw that they had Jalfrezi on the menu I had to go for it. It has been years since I had a good Jalfrezi. Jonathan decided to join me. I have to say that it was quite good. It was as spicy as it should be (which means bloody hot) without being so overwhelming that you did not taste any of the other spices.

Lunch at Le Mahal in St Genis-Pouilly

In the evening it was film time as usual. I had just received a box set with all the James Bond movies on Blu-ray so Jonathan jumped on that one. I am actually a bit ashamed that I have not gotten around to add the Bond movies to my collection until now. Of course we are going to watch them in the proper order so last weekend it was time for the first one, Dr. No. I am a wee bit surprised that a movie so old is actually still quite enjoyable.

Well, that´s all for last weekend. The coming weekend is probably going to be spent on shopping for Christmas presents.

Busy last couple of weeks.

The last couple of weeks have been busy as hell work wise. I should have posted something already last weekend but I simply did not manage to find the time to do so. So now I am forcing myself to stress down and take some time to jot down a few words.

The kids came to my place last weekend which was a bit unexpected since it was the last weekend of my ex’s holiday but apparently they had requested to come. Obviously I am very happy about that. I was actually suspecting that it was the PS4 that was drawing them here but in the end they did not actually play that much so I am even more happy about it now.

Trio of CurrysSince it was a bit of a surprise visit I kind of was in a rush to think of something to cook for them. In the end I decided on curry. But to make it a bit more extravagant I did not make just a curry but a Trio of Curries. One rather mild pork curry with peas and squash, a slightly hotter Thai curry with shrimps, carrots julienne, green onions and lime and a “if you have to ask it is too hot for you” lamb curry with peppers and home grown chilies.

One home made Pesto coming up.Today they are here again and yesterday I did some home made Pesto from Basil that I had grown on the balcony. So it was fresh pasta with Pesto on the menu for today’s lunch.

After lunch me a Jonathan had a little mini-binge watching of four episodes of Big Bang Theory. We actually only planned to watch three but after the third episode we saw that the next episode was going to be about Leonard going to visit the LHC in Switzerland (CERN) and I just had to watch that one. I work at CERN after all so…

Unfortunately I had a bit of a nasty surprise this morning. Me and my ex have filed for shared custody for the children but now when I started to bring it up she tells me that the kids, actually Cassandra specifically, are not too happy about it since she fears her grades may be affected by the additional 30 minutes travel time.

Teary EyesI am a bit upset about that. I mean, I cannot argue too much against the fears of my daughter for her education but, for Christ sake, this was what we filed for almost two years ago. Why did my ex wait until now when we were about to go forward to drop it on me? It’s not that we haven’t spoken about it before. Also, I wasn’t really asked when my ex moved the kids from the schools here in St Genis and Gex to Bellegarde. I cannot help feeling that I have been played. My doctor is just in the process of getting me off the last antidepressants and this was sure as hell not what I needed right now.

I just hope that we’re still on track for a “d’accord amiable”. I guess we’ll have to see. I did not have time to discuss it much when my ex left the kids since she was on her way to work. Hopefully it is not as bad as it looks at the time of writing this.

Weekend with the kids.

My last post had the title Weekend without the kids so I guess I had to give this one the title Weekend with the kids. Yeah, yeah I know, a tad uninspired but what the heck. I am trying to keep up with the posts on both this personal site and my Books & Movies site where I am currently four books reviews and one movie review behind.

Anyway, as the title states last weekend was a weekend with the kids. Actually the kids came on Wednesday evening and staid until Sunday afternoon. I had to work on the Thursday but I took the Friday off so it was actually a long weekend.

We did not do very much though. This was only the second weekend since I got my Playstation 4 so I pretty much had to pry the game pads out of their hands. We did go for a lunch at the Italian restaurant in the village. I also managed to force them out of the apartment for some air on the Saturday so we could go to Balexert since I needed to buy some new trousers.

Apart from that it was mostly gaming on the menu this weekend. Well I managed to squeeze in a few movies in the evenings as well. Ghost in The Shell and The Assignment. Both of which turned out to be okay but nothing really to write home about.

Okay there was of course a more traditional menu as well although I cannot say that I did anything special this weekend. Mostly just simple comfy food. Barbecued sausages, Thai chicken and rice, pasta with tuna sauce, my mothers sausage stew, home made burgers and of course a nice English breakfast on the Sunday morning.

The weather was, and is, excellent. Mostly sunny and around 30 degrees Centigrade so we could have all the meals on the balcony. In all a rather relaxing weekend although it feels like it passed in a blur. I didn’t get around to taking any photos at all. Even the featured image of this post is “archive footage” but given the binge playing on the Playstation it felt like a suitable photo to reuse.

Mini cruise on Lac Leman

Mini cruise at Lac Leman (Geneva)Well it has been another weekend and as usual that meant that the kids came over. This time we made a little trip to Geneva and took a mini cruise on Lac Leman. I brought my SLR this time and got some quite nice photos. I uploads A few of them to this photo album on my  Flickr account.

Mini cruise at Lac Leman (Geneva)

Afterwards we went to a nice Italian restaurant in Geneva.

The weather was great as you can see from the photos. According to the forecast it will continue to be nice with 30+ degrees for the coming week or so.

Red Pesto ChickenNow for the usual food stuff. Obviously l did not cook anything for Saturday lunch. In the evening l put together a red pesto chicken with olives and Feta cheese served with bread and a salad. It went down quite well with the kids.

IMG-20170716-0462For Sunday lunch I did not have anything prepared so I made some quick browsing on some of my favorite food sites, specifically and (. se)  (. fr). What I found was a recipe for porc filet wrapped in Serrano ham with a balsamic vinegar sauce. I could not find any good pieces of porc filet when I went shopping in the morning so l  substituted it for a lovely filet mignon of veal that l found instead. If turned out to be quite tasty. Before being wrapped in the Serrano ham the filet was covered in a mixture of chopped dried tomatoes, garlic, ground Parmesan and chopped home grown basil.

Jonathan had seconds. The two small ones were not too keen on the vinegar sauce (which did get a rather sad grey color, that has to be said) but the rest went down.

Well th th th th that’s all folks (for this time).