Summer holidays…for the kids.

It’s summer holidays…for the kids. The bad part is that I still have to work. The good part is that the kids spend more time at my place. They came to my place Thursday last week. Cassandra left a few minutes ago but Jonathan and Cassandra will stay until Tuesday evening.

IMG-20180707-0189As usual when the kids are here it’s a lot of cooking and movie watching. Since it is their summer holidays I try to find a bit more to do with them even though I’m mostly confined to the weekends when it comes to activities outside of the apartment.

Timothy wanted to go to a new Asian restaurant, Kirin, in Val Thoiry so we went there for lunch yesterday. It was quite nice actually. The sushi’s where quite good, for a buffet restaurant that is. Better than Palais de Asie where the kids usually want to go. I would have liked one or two dishes with a bit more spices though and the desert buffet was more French than Asian.

I let Timothy go alone to the dessert buffet. Big mistake!

Today we went to the cinema complex in Balexert to watch The Incredibles 2. Not bad but the first one was better. This one was very predictable and at times actually a bit boring. At least it was not as full of politically “correct” preaching as I was afraid of.

In an hour or so it’s time to fire up the barbecue again. I have a nice inch and a half thick slab of dead cow on the bone that’s going to become our dinner for tonight.

My first Sloppy Joes

I had absolutely no idea what a Sloppy Joe was until I more or less stumbled over the name a few months ago. I actually looked it up on Wikipedia just before writing this and I felt a tad embarrassed to learn that they have apparently been around since about 1940.

My first Sloppy JoesAnyway, when I even stumbled on a recipe in the Swedish version of myTaste when looking for something to cook for the kids last weekend it was kind of the last straw. I had to try and make some. The result is on the pictures of this post.

I quite liked them and will probably do them again but I will definitely change the recipe for the minced meat to something more spicy. It’s certainly a dish that you can make in a lot of different incarnations just like a regular burger.

Long weekend

I just left the kids in Bellegarde after spending a long weekend with them.

We had no special plans, the forecast had said that the weather was going to be much lousier than it actually turned out to be, but we did some shopping, Jonathan needed new shoes…again, and some other stuff.

Since the weather turned out a lot better than foreseen we could have lunch on the balcony all of the days. I even slapped some sliced up dead lamb on the barbecue for Saturday dinner. Actually I spent quite a lot of time cooking this weekend. Apart from the previously mentioned barbecued lamb some Greek minced meat pie, Italian pork filet with salami and sage and a coconut chicken curry was on the menu this weekend. Oh, and a English breakfast this morning. Actually it was a English / Swedish one since I threw in some Swedish pickled herring as well.

Of course it would not be a proper weekend without at least one movie. This weekend the movies came off of Cassandra’s wish list. First Walt Disney’s Coco which was quite good and then the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast which was pretty meh.

Lunch with the kids

So now I am just going to sit down, maybe read a bit, and relax before it is, unfortunately, back to work tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing, Jonathan mentioned something about revenge, murder and stuff like that after me having taken this photo of him singing at the table so I guess I better get my “money’s worth” out of it before it is too late 🙂

First BBQ with the kids.

This weekend me and the kids had our first BBQ together. Well, it was of course not the first BBQ ever together but it was the first since the divorce and my move to St Genis and it was also the first for the season.

IMG-20180428-0137.jpgLast weekend I got myself a BBQ at Botanic. Since I have to put it on the balcony charcoal was, unfortunately, not an option so it is a gas one. Still learning how to use it for best results. It is of course a lot easier to use than a charcoal one but already after only three uses I do indeed miss the flavor that charcoal gives. Still, it is better than nothing.

Anyway, I bought some nice faux filet at the Intermarche which I carbonized on the BBQ and served with some steak house fries, coleslaw and the usual hot, bloody hot and fucking hot BBQ sauces.

Easter is gone!

My ex just picked up the kids so they could spend the Easter Monday at her place. So that’s it, Easter has come and gone for me. Sure it is still Easter Monday but with the kids gone so is, essentially, Easter. These moments just after the kids have been here for a couple of days and then just left are almost unbearable. The apartment is so silent and lonely. It is so difficult not to go back to consuming just to try and anesthetize the depressive feelings and thoughts.

Well, on the bright side, Easter was quite good. As with most of the traditional holidays Easter is a bit of a home/family holiday so I had not really planned any activities outside of the apartment. Nevertheless we went to Val Thoiry on the Saturday afternoon since Jonathan wanted to look at new clothes and some sketching material for the Sci-Fi designs he is always working on. Apart from the clothes we got for Jonathan I accidentally stumbled over a new summer jacket as well. Whoops!

Easter lunchAlso, as with most of the traditional holidays, Easter is a bit of a traditional food holiday. So we started off on Saturday lunch with the obligatory pickled herrings, eggs, some Swedish cheese, Swedish meatballs for the two small ones who do not eat herring, gravlax etcetera…

Inkokt Lax

For Sunday lunch I tried another traditional recipe, Inkokt Lax, which I have never done before myself. Served with eggs (it is Easter you know), a shrimp mix and broccoli it turned out to be very good indeed. The two small ones complained of course. Fish and broccoli on the same plate … what an ordeal!

Then we went over to the traditional (yes yes everything is traditional, I did say it was a traditional holiday didn’t I?) lamb steak with potatoes and a ratatouille, the latter not being very traditional in Sweden of course but hey, this is France.

In between the various eating frenzies we burned off some calories (cough, cough) by going through four episodes of Stargate, two of The Strain, three Big Bang Theory and for the grand finale Justice League. The latter which I liked a lot by the way.

Well, now it is back to ordinary days for me. Given my not so at the top mood right now I’ll probably vegetate some in front of the TV while doing a bit of reading.

Where’s the bloody spring?

Test photos from my Galaxy S8I’m really feed up with winter now. A bit more than a week ago we got another couple of decimeters of snow and, as usual, even though it was forecasted, the snow cleaning service was totally surprised (read, could not be bothered to get up and work before 9’o clock). My 15 minutes drive to work took over an hour thanks to all the asshats that, also as usual, was driving around on summer tyres. Sigh!

I spent the last two weeks alone since the kids stayed at my ex’s place last weekend. She asked if they could stay with here since she was not working that weekend which I guess was okay. No reason to be inflexible, even if her divorce lawyer went over the top again a couple of weeks ago. Obviously she is seeking conflict so she can augment her fee. My lawyer is convinced that my ex is playing a game. I still believe that she is only guilty of not putting her foot down and allowing her lawyer to run amok with whatever bullshit she cooks together.

Anyway, that’s enough whining (for now). This weekend the kids have been at my place and, as you can see from the featured photo of this post, one of the things I cooked up was Truite avec thym, citron vert et ognion rouge served with rice and a tomato and onion salad. That was fun to cook (and eat). It is a really long time since I made whole fish. Cassandra moaned of course since it was fish but me and Jonathan enjoyed it a lot. Timothy ate it but then he is always hungry and eats more or less anything (except vegetables).

This afternoon, after me and Jonathan have watched another 007 from my collection, I will return two of the kids to Bellegarde. Timothy will stay at my place since he is having a one week work practice at the florist in the village. We walked down to the shop this morning so he could familiarize himself with the way since he will walk down there himself tomorrow.

At Le Mahal in St Genis-Pouilly with the kids.I never got around to make a post the last weekend the kids where at my place by the way. We went to the local Indian restaurant for lunch that Saturday. Timothy had asked to go back there for quite a few weeks but we never managed to find a good time to do so.

No I did not take this photo just to get a shot of the waitress’ ass by the way. Although she was rather cute 🙂 .