Holy crap, time flies. Yet another weekend has come and gone.

I cannot believe how fast time flies right now. It feels like the previous weekend was just yesterday and  yet another one has come and gone. I did not even get any time to write something on My Ramblings until now.

Weather ForecastWell, the kids were in St Genis for the entire weekend again and it was another fairly calm weekend. The weather was (and is) great and the forecast for the week is pretty darn good as well.

We went for lunch at Palais de Asie, one of the favorite restaurants of the kids. Asian buffet, all you can eat. As usual it was pretty good. No stars in Guide Micheline of course but freshly made and quite tasty for a buffet restaurant. The kids love being able to take what they want. The drawback is that everyone gets completely stuffed (all you can eat remember…) and just dozes off in the sofa when we get back.

Well, we livened up the spirits a bit with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter later in the evening. Not great but okay and lots of satisfying violent special effects of course. A review will come later on my other site.

Preparing to play Hexagonal chess.

On the Sunday we got around to do some family activities in the form of playing cards. I have not played cards a lot lately. It was great fun. I used to play cards a lot when I was young. After all that was a time when telephones were big clunky things with a rotary dial and computers had 25 by 80 characters and a green monochrome screen so entertainment was strictly non-digital.

After the cards Jonathan lured me into a game of Hexagonal Chess. Also quite fun but he had obviously practiced before (I call that cheating) so I lost.

For lunch on the Sunday I made a Saumon au Chili, Citron Vert et Orange avec Pomme de Terres et Salade (featured picture). I thought it was excellent but the two small ones were not impressed. They raided my snacks storage later in the afternoon. Sigh…

Well, it was a good weekend anyway.

Long weekend with the kids.

Last weekend the kids were not at my place as usual since my ex was on holiday and had the kids for the entire week. This weekend we kind of compensated. Last Thursday was Ascension so it was a holiday and I took the Friday off to make it into a long weekend so the kids came over from Thursday to Sunday.

Weather ForecastThe weather has been great as well, sunny with temperatures creeping up towards 30 degrees and more, so it has been a really nice weekend. On the Friday we went to Balexert so the kids could do some shopping for my ex’s birthday and then we went on to Val Thoiry so I could do the grocery shopping. Jonathan wanted to have fish for dinner so we got some nice Filet de Perche which I fried and served with French fries and a salad.

Filet de Perche

Yesterday my girlfriend came over for lunch and later in the evening we went to Balexert again to watch Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 at the cinema. My girlfriend was really nervous about meeting the rest of my family. The kids seemed a bit intimidated as well so they did not speak very much. Well, I guess they just have to get used to it. It was not exactly me that chose to go down the path we did.

As for the movie. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It was in 3D but “regular” 3D and not the IMAX 3D that we experienced when we saw the latest Star Wars. I really did not like it. The image was a mess most of the time and the, too exaggerated, 3D effects more of a distraction than anything else. I will not write a review on that one before I have watched it again at home on Blu-ray … without 3D of course.

Lunch at the balconyAfter the movie we had planned to go to one of the restaurants at Balexert to eat but we discovered that all the restaurants except CrapDonalds closed when the shops closed. That’s bloody Swiss for you! So we drove back to St Genis and went for a burger at Le Brasserie instead.

Right now Jonathan is getting his weekly fix of Science Fiction, Star Trek Voyager to be specific, and I am relaxing a bit before it is time to prepare lunch. I had actually planned to go to Le Brasserie today for lunch but yesterdays change of plans obviously had repercussions on that. Thus, I had to go out in the morning to do some more grocery shopping. Luckily in France shops and restaurants are usually open when the customers actually need them and not at the convenience of the staff.

So, I picked up some pasta, tomatoes, herbs and shark meat. I was actually looking for tuna but they did not have any so I had to improvise on my improvisation. I guess we are about to see how that goes.

The next weekend the kids have asked, actually more demanded, to stay for the full weekend again. It is Fete de l’Oiseaux in St Genis and, since I now live in the village, they want to take the opportunity of staying over so we can go down in the evening and enjoy the fairground and all the attractions when it is dark and the lights are on.

A weekend without the kids

This weekend was a bit unusual in that I spent it without the kids. My ex had a week of holiday so the kids stayed at her place all week including the weekend. Felt a bit weird not having the kids over but at least it meant that I could have a sleep in on the Saturday for once.

Walk in Parc de la Grance, GenevaThis did not mean that I spent the entire weekend vegetating in the apartment though. Well, I had quite a bit of stuff to do (I still have a mountain of ironing to do…) but on Saturday afternoon I went to Geneva and had a nice walk in the park with my girlfriend. The weather has finally turned good again after a period of rainy and cold days. We spent a really nice time there. Unfortunately I did not think of taking my camera with me so the photos are taken with my phone…again. I really have to get back into the habit of bringing a decent camera with me on occasions like this. In the evening we went to a meeting with friends suffering from the same ailment as we do.

Pasta sauce a'la Baron RiccasoliOf course no kids did not mean that I did not get a chance to do some cooking. On Saturday my girlfriend and her father came over for lunch. They came just after the normal lunch time actually and I had to drive to the tram station to pick them up so I was forced to do something I could prepare pretty much all the way in advanced. My choice fell on fresh pasta and Pasta Sauce a’la Baron Ricasoli. It is actually a pretty old recipe that me and my ex found in a edition of Allt Om Mat quite a few years back but I still do it on a fairly regular basis.

Unfortunately the entire family of my girlfriend are hockey fanatics…I am not. Anyway, there has been quite a bit of hockey watching the last couple of days. What do we men not do to please the girlies? Well, I guess I have built up quite a bit of leeway with her when it comes to binge watching science fiction and fantasy at least. Sadly she is not a fan of these exquisite arts.

Busy weekend.

Here we go again. Another weekend has passed. The kids came on Saturday as usual although this weekend they only stayed for that day. I had nothing in particular planned for the day. I had to go shopping anyway since I did not have time to do that the day before. I was busy setting up my 4K goodness remember 🙂 .

Well the kids did not really mind since they got their fix of digital media consumption as usual and so did I. We watched Assassin’s Creed while eating lunch, in real Ultra HD (from a Blu-ray and not that low bitrate streaming stuff) with Atmos sound. Really nice experience although I found the movie itself somewhat underwhelming. There will be a review on my Books and Movies site shortly.

Chicken stew/curry with smoked chicken saussagesSpeaking of eating lunch, I made a stew/curry with smoked chicken sausages, peppers, apples and mango chutney. Yet another new experiment but all the kids had seconds so I guess it was successful. I quite liked it as well although the mango chutney made it a wee bit on the sweet side.

Saute de Agneaux ProvencaleOn Sunday I had my lady-friend and her father over for lunch. They were not scheduled to arrive until one o’clock so I had to make something that I could prepare in advance since I also had to drive to the tram station and pick them up. I opted for a Saute d’Agneaux Provençale. A fairly traditional dish but I quite like it and, apparently, so did my lady-friend’s father since I overheard him speak to his wife saying it was really good and that he wanted them to try and make it back home.

Next weekend there will be no kids at my place since my ex is having a week off and the kids will stay with her. However the week after is Ascension on Thursday and I have taken the Friday off so I will have a four day weekend with them.

Oh, one last thing. I went over to Mobilier de France yesterday after work to ask where the bloody hell my sofa and dining table is. As it turned out they have already received the sofa but are waiting for the dining table and the chairs and expect those to arrive withing 2 to 3 weeks…finally!

Tried using the grill in my apartment for the first time.

I guess this weekend can be summarized with cooking and movie/TV watching as can most of the weekends lately. Well, that is perhaps not exactly true but there was a lot of movie/TV watching and some cooking.

The kids have stayed the entire weekend. I will drive them to Bellegarde in a couple of hours. Jonathan needed new shoes so we started off going to Balexert. At least me and Jonathan went to Balexert. The two small ones did not want to go so they stayed in the apartment. Apart from the shoes we picked up Moana on Blu-ray at FNAC which we watched while having lunch today. It was quite good although the two small ones insisted that we watched it in French. Not even telling them that it was “The Rock” doing the English voice for Maui managed to convince them. Grumble…

At Coq Rouge for dinner
At Coq Rouge for dinner

I made some nice minced meat steaks for lunch on Saturday. Classical Swedish style with potatoes, salad and green pepper cream sauce. Timothy complained about getting plain boiled potatoes of course. If it is not fried it is no good for him.

At Coq Rouge for dinner
Grumpy Tim

However, in the evening I had booked a table at Coq Rouge here in the village. They changed owners about two years ago and the new owners are trying to keep it a bit more posh than the previous ones. The food was quite good. I would not say they merit any Guide Michelin stars but quite good nonetheless. Of course Timothy was complaining that all the dishes had something in them that he did not like. Sigh. He always finds something negative to complain about these times.

Lamb skewers ready for the grill
Lamb skewers ready for the grill

For lunch today I tried to use the grill in my oven for the first time. Grilled lamb skewers with Mediterranean rice, pickled olives, pickled garlic and a set of BBQ sauces. There was about 1.2 Kg of meat on those skewers and it went down almost all of it.

Oh, I made a small English breakfast (featured image of this post) with sausages, scrambled eggs and a few other things this morning as well. English style breakfast is usually a bit of a hit with the kids. The only drawback is that I have to get up early to prepare. Okay, maybe not that early but a hell of a lot earlier than if I would have just served corn flakes and sandwiches.

Sunny Saturday and Creole porc chops with Cajun Mac & Cheese.

After a pretty crappy week weather-wise we finally got a sunny Saturday. As usual the kids are here with me so it is really appreciated to have some nice weather today.

This Saturday I went for Creole/Cajun food for lunch. Actually I got inspiration for Cajun food when watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. I quite like Ramsay’s cooking shows. Unfortunately it’s the US version on a US channel so some hypocritical bible belter has fucked up the show by censoring the trademark language of Ramsay. Not only did they add stupid beeps to the soundtrack but they also pop up a bloody annoying gray blur over his mouth whenever he is using language for grown ups. Come on! What’s the point of buying a show that is specifically known for the lead character’s cursing and then fuck it up with beeps and blurs? Hypocritical assholes!

Anyway, Creole and Cajun on the menu for today it was. I found a nice recipe for some Creole seasoning which l rubbed on pork chops. After popping them into my cast iron frying pan I served them with a Cajun Mac & Cheese. Okay, I did make the Mac & Cheese a bit lighter than they usually are since I served it together with a good chunk of dead pig. I thought it was quite nice and the kids took healthy helpings so I guess it was to their liking as well.

Speaking of foul language by the way. I’m writing this post on my tablet sitting in the living room in front of the TV where Cassandra is playing Grand Theft Auto. Holy cow! That game has some seriously foul language. I think my ears are starting to smoke.

Looong weekend with the kids.

The kids have been staying at my place since Thursday for a really long weekend. It is their first week of the school holidays so they are alternating between my place and my ex’s place. I took Thursday and Friday off to spend some quality time with them.

This time I tried to not have them vegetate in front of the TV all the time. It was not that much of an effort on Thursday and Friday since we had some stuff to do anyway. On the Thursday I took Jonathan and Timothy to the barber. Timothy did of course play Mr. Grumpy the entire morning since he never want to do anything that has to do with things like the barber, buying clothes and so on.

Yesterday we went to Balexert to buy some new clothes for Jonathan. He has become quite a fashion guy which I do not mind at all since he is going for the smart kind of fashion. We got him a new gray jacket and a shirt.

Lunch at Fiesta MexicanaSince we were going to Balexert I planned in a lunch at one of the restaurants there as well. More specifically the Fiesta Mexicana. It was quite nice as always. I got something that they labelled as a “pre-peruvian” dish. Well, it sure as hell looked ancient with Tequila barbecued shrimps served in a huge bowl made out of volcano rock and with peppers, pimentos and other traditional South American things to go with it.

Today we are going to go back to Balexert after lunch to watch a movie at the cinema complex there. I finally got to get the kids to agree on a movie. Actually Jonathan and Cassandra gets together and agrees quite easily. Timothy however always finds something to complain about. That annoys me to no end.

Unfortunately what the kids chose was the new Power Rangers movie. Oh well, I hope it is better than the TV-series at least.

Yesterday I made some grilled chicken with wedge potatoes and salad, a half chicken per person, and the kids were so stuffed that despite me having bought dessert they did not want any. Oh my.

Grilled chicken with thyme, wedge potatoes and sallad

For tonight there will be tuna with pasta on the menu. I got some fresh tuna steaks from the shop this morning as well as some pieces of dead cow (beef fillet) for tomorrow lunch since it is the last day this time. We might get some guests tomorrow as well. Remains to be seen. I guess I have to binge eat beef fillet the coming days if not since I am sure as hell not freezing beef fillet.

The obligatory stop at LolipopOh, by the way. There is no way the kids will let me get away with going to Balexert without a visit to Lolipop.