Week with the kids

IMG-20180418-0118.jpgThe last two weeks have been school holidays in France. Well, unless you are going to university like Jonathan. Then you only got the last week. Anyway, because of the holidays the kids have been at my place since last Sunday up until this morning.

Unfortunately I don’t have unlimited days off from work and I want to save what I have for the summer so I’ve been working during the week but it still left most lunches and all the evenings together with the kids.

IMG-20180418-0123.jpgThere were not any time to do anything special with me working of course but we did go to ÔBrasseur for some burgers one of the evenings. The kids were quite happy just spending time alternating between playing, watching movies an TV, listening to music or reading. Well, some of them actually did some reading.

Of course in the evenings it was movie time.

Now I am actually enjoying some time alone but I’m sure that feeling will be gone by tomorrow.

First birthday of the year

IMG-20180411-0104.jpgLast week we celebrated the first birthday for this year. For the occasion Timothy and Cassandra was here from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning. Jonathan’s school holidays do not start until next week so he was still in Lyon.

I got it easy this year when it came to finding presents for him. His old laptop started to give up so I got him a new one. Unfortunately that was an expenditure that I had not counted on so it hurt the wallet a bit. Especially since I got just a huge bill form my lawyer as well.

IMG-20180411-0105.jpgApart from a new laptop he also wanted to go to an Italian restaurant so in the evening we went to the local Italian one for a birthday meal and afterwards it was of course time for cake when we came back to the apartment.

This weekend I’m alone. The kids are in Bellegarde until Sunday afternoon but from then they will stay most of next week during the school holidays. I won’t be able to take any holidays myself though since I need to save what I have left for the summer holidays.

20180414_135425.jpgSince I’m alone I took the opportunity to buy some herbs for my balcony as well as doing the spring cleaning of said balcony. I was looking at a small BBQ as well at Botanic but I am still procrastinating on that one. Especially after the unexpected extra expenditure.

Easter is gone!

My ex just picked up the kids so they could spend the Easter Monday at her place. So that’s it, Easter has come and gone for me. Sure it is still Easter Monday but with the kids gone so is, essentially, Easter. These moments just after the kids have been here for a couple of days and then just left are almost unbearable. The apartment is so silent and lonely. It is so difficult not to go back to consuming just to try and anesthetize the depressive feelings and thoughts.

Well, on the bright side, Easter was quite good. As with most of the traditional holidays Easter is a bit of a home/family holiday so I had not really planned any activities outside of the apartment. Nevertheless we went to Val Thoiry on the Saturday afternoon since Jonathan wanted to look at new clothes and some sketching material for the Sci-Fi designs he is always working on. Apart from the clothes we got for Jonathan I accidentally stumbled over a new summer jacket as well. Whoops!

Easter lunchAlso, as with most of the traditional holidays, Easter is a bit of a traditional food holiday. So we started off on Saturday lunch with the obligatory pickled herrings, eggs, some Swedish cheese, Swedish meatballs for the two small ones who do not eat herring, gravlax etcetera…

Inkokt Lax

For Sunday lunch I tried another traditional recipe, Inkokt Lax, which I have never done before myself. Served with eggs (it is Easter you know), a shrimp mix and broccoli it turned out to be very good indeed. The two small ones complained of course. Fish and broccoli on the same plate … what an ordeal!

Then we went over to the traditional (yes yes everything is traditional, I did say it was a traditional holiday didn’t I?) lamb steak with potatoes and a ratatouille, the latter not being very traditional in Sweden of course but hey, this is France.

In between the various eating frenzies we burned off some calories (cough, cough) by going through four episodes of Stargate, two of The Strain, three Big Bang Theory and for the grand finale Justice League. The latter which I liked a lot by the way.

Well, now it is back to ordinary days for me. Given my not so at the top mood right now I’ll probably vegetate some in front of the TV while doing a bit of reading.

Easter is coming!

Easter is coming! Unfortunately the sky in Geneva is not exactly the lovely blue one shown in the featured image of this posts. It is rather grey with a annoying drizzle right now and it is supposed to continue until Saturday at least according to the forecast.

Well, anyway, I went into Geneva over lunch, more specifically to Ikea in Vernier, to pick up some of the sorry excuse for Swedish food that they sell nowadays. Even though it is not as good as the real stuff, not to mention the home made stuff, I had to get some pickled herring and a few other things for when the kids are coming this Easter.

At Leon de Bruxelles for some mussles.Speaking of the kids, they were at my place last Saturday as more or less usual. Me and Jonathan watched the last Bond, Spectre, in the box set that I got. Timothy had asked if we could not go back to Leon de Bruxelles so we went there for lunch.

Me and Timothy having a Pizza at Le Casanova.

Timothy had been at my place all of last week by the way. He was doing a one work experience practice at one of the florists in the village. The photo to the left is from when we went out for a pizza on one of the evenings.

Where’s the bloody spring?

Test photos from my Galaxy S8I’m really feed up with winter now. A bit more than a week ago we got another couple of decimeters of snow and, as usual, even though it was forecasted, the snow cleaning service was totally surprised (read, could not be bothered to get up and work before 9’o clock). My 15 minutes drive to work took over an hour thanks to all the asshats that, also as usual, was driving around on summer tyres. Sigh!

I spent the last two weeks alone since the kids stayed at my ex’s place last weekend. She asked if they could stay with here since she was not working that weekend which I guess was okay. No reason to be inflexible, even if her divorce lawyer went over the top again a couple of weeks ago. Obviously she is seeking conflict so she can augment her fee. My lawyer is convinced that my ex is playing a game. I still believe that she is only guilty of not putting her foot down and allowing her lawyer to run amok with whatever bullshit she cooks together.

Anyway, that’s enough whining (for now). This weekend the kids have been at my place and, as you can see from the featured photo of this post, one of the things I cooked up was Truite avec thym, citron vert et ognion rouge served with rice and a tomato and onion salad. That was fun to cook (and eat). It is a really long time since I made whole fish. Cassandra moaned of course since it was fish but me and Jonathan enjoyed it a lot. Timothy ate it but then he is always hungry and eats more or less anything (except vegetables).

This afternoon, after me and Jonathan have watched another 007 from my collection, I will return two of the kids to Bellegarde. Timothy will stay at my place since he is having a one week work practice at the florist in the village. We walked down to the shop this morning so he could familiarize himself with the way since he will walk down there himself tomorrow.

At Le Mahal in St Genis-Pouilly with the kids.I never got around to make a post the last weekend the kids where at my place by the way. We went to the local Indian restaurant for lunch that Saturday. Timothy had asked to go back there for quite a few weeks but we never managed to find a good time to do so.

No I did not take this photo just to get a shot of the waitress’ ass by the way. Although she was rather cute 🙂 .


Well, that was the end of that holiday.

As I’m writing this it is Sunday afternoon and it finally looks like the sun are breaking through. Yesterday afternoon I brought the kids to Bellegarde and when I got back home in the evening I sat down by myself and watched Alone in the Dark 2. Not surprisingly it was utter crap but since I had watched the first movie, which was not too bad, I kind of had to watch the second one.

Me and the kids finished the holidays by resting, a lot of movie watching and, as you can see from the featured picture of this post with a do it yourself burger lunch.

It was quite nice to just sit down and do nothing when I came back yesterday but as usual it did not take long before the sadness of being lonely crept in. Luckily Sunday mornings there’s one of my regular meetings with my fraternity which kept me going.

Tomorrow it is back to work again. Cannot say that I look forward to it much but then I it beats sitting home alone.

Winter Holidays

I had a lousy week a while ago. Just after the kids went back to Bellegarde on a Sunday afternoon I got sick with the flu the very same evening. I was totally nocked out for three days in a row and then it took me a week to start firing on all eight cylinders again. Being home alone with a flue was the most depressing days I’ve spent since my girlfriend passed away.

Luckily last week and tA chilly February day in Nyon.his week is the Winter Holidays in French schools so I have had the kids at my place a bit more than three days last week and all of this week. Actually it was only the two small ones that were at my place last week since Jonathan, being at university level, do not get the luxury of two weeks of holiday.

It is called a Winther Holiday but, since none of us are very interested in winter sports, to us is it like any other holiday. We watch movies, play games, go out for some dining and make some excursions.

At Balexert about to watch Black Panther.Yesterday we watched Black Panther in the IMAX salle in Balexert. It was not too bad but it is, not very surprisingly, totally overhyped by the clueless SJW’s. There will come a review soon on my other site.

The forecast said that today should be a sunny day so we had planned to go and have a look in Shilliger in Gland and then go for a walk along the lake in Nyon and have a lunch there. Unfortunately the forecast was way off and it was windy, gray and cold as you can see from the photos attached. Well, it was nice lunch even though it became less of a walk along the lake than I had hoped for.

A chilly February day in Nyon.Tomorrow we are going to make into a resting day with no plans for the day. I suspect a sleep in with a late morning is on the menu…as well as some more movies from my collection of course. Jonathan and I are still kind of binge watching ourselves through my 007 collection. We have just come to the Pierce Brosnan period.

One of my orchids about to flower.Oh by the way. One of my orchids have started to go into flower again. I hope I will have the same success with the rest of them.

I uploaded a few more photos from the last couple of days to my Miscellaneous 2018 album on Flickr.