A day at home…

Pool-time for the kidsThe weather is still excellent but after three days of excursions, 4 museums, the scarecrow forest and a freezing cave we decided to make today a day at home. Well almost at least. Another reason we didn’t go anywhere was because we needed to restock on groceries so me and Bodil went to the supermarket while the kids attacked various games of the digital variety.

Staying home of course meant that certain activities like mowing the lawn, washing the car and similar items on the agenda could not be avoided. Well it was still relaxing not to have a schedule. As you can see we dumped the two small ones in the pool when we decided that some non-digital entertainment was called for.

For tomorrow we haven’t decided if we’re going for an excursion yet but going to a military museum in Morges and/or an Arboretum close by is on the potential menu. Morges is kind of next door in terms of driving so it would be suitable for a Saturday trip.

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